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There have been some great blogs written by a fellow forum member who has enjoyed many a world cruise.  It might be worth digging it out and having a read (though it wasn't published on this forum, I don't think).


For me, I don't think I could stomach a world cruise at the moment.  I certainly wouldn't want to book one without having done a sector or other longer cruise first.


What's the longest cruise you've done?  If it's only 2 weeks, the I reckon you could play it safe and try a world cruise sector first.  It would give you a taste of the world cruise atmosphere on board (which I'm assured is quite unique) and test the waters of being on the same ship for an extended period of time.

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The longest cruise we'd done before our World cruise was 21 days. I was worried (very) as I was sure I'd not be able to stay on a ship for over 100 days. I thought I'd get halfway around the world and have to fly home (not a prospect I relished). As it turned out I was fine and I really can't recommend it enough.  As Duncan has said in his post it is a unique feeling on board and is like no other cruise.

As for putting on weight, well yes I did ,because I don't usually eat a 3 or 4 course meal everyday. I didn't put on too much weight though as I didn't eat 3 meals a day, usually only 2 and I almost always used the stairs instead of the lift.

Go on you know you want to. ;)

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Guest Solent Richard

ive never done a world cruise before but seriously considering it for 2016.  Would i get fed up being on the same ship for 115 nights, any tips for not gaining at least 3 dress sizes!


On the matter of 'Would i get fed up' the answer is an emphatic no. 


having said that it is very important to choose a cruise line that suits your lifestyle.


From what I recall there are only four UK based cruise lines that actually do world cruises. Cunard, P&O, Fred Olsen and Saga.


The latter usually suits only this over 50 years of age.


Fred Olsen ships are small and very old and are  very limited on  balcony space.


Both Cunard and P&O are more mainstream so those are the lines I would recommend you first look at , and hey, they offer plenty of choice.


This was taken on Queen mary 2's 2009 world voyage:though we only did Southampton to Sydney that year...




...and Hawaii on the same cruise...





If you have the opportunity to World Cruise, DO IT.

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Guest Solent Richard

I forgot to mention the 'Dress size' answer.


After two weeks on Aurora's 2003 World Cruise my wife chose to miss one 'Dinner' a week. Combined with gym visits it worked a treat.


I guess that is another reason for going with either Cunard or P&O - decent onboard Gyms. 

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I have done quite a few world cruises  ( 6  over a period of years) and I love them! In fact I am writing a book about my experiences so watch this space!

I never get bored and it is a whole different ball game to doing a shorter cruise. My last world cruise was this year on QE and it lasted 118 days. I was magic. I recommend a world cruise to all fit healthy people. Do it when you are fit enough to enjoy and do everything.

As for putting on weight. Well I never have, or if I have only the odd kilo. You tend not to overeat when you are on board for a long time. I follow a fitness plan and go to gym classes and I eat the Spa menu selection on Cunard ships.  I do not eat in the self service buffet as you over eat in there.

 I do cruise Cunard and would not do any other cruise line for a world cruise, I did try P&O and it was not a good experience..  Cunard is my style of cruising. You should give it a try. I am hoping to go again in 2016.

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