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I always end up with the person in front of me reclining the seat! More or less every time!

I think its quite inconsiderate - yes the seats recline and thats what the button is there for - but a bit of common sense wouldnt go amiss knowing that the person behind is going to be restricted! I bang the seat when im putting the tray down!

Like this,

Very Mean. I believe that when travelling Economy the reclining seats should be stopped. The elderly woman  who was sitting behind the' recliner' had hardly any space. She was asked on a few occasions to replace the seat upright but plainly refused. Just Selfish.

The lady in front of me on request did put her seat upright in the end, after I offered to swap places with her should she wish to recline !


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Why on earth do people have to be so rude to other posters just because they might not agree with what another person says,I was under the impression that we all had our own opinions and where free to

Too much emphasis on taking offence, such sensitive folk, and not enough on enjoying banter methinks.   I haven't come across anything truly rude on here yet, though I haven't read everything.   R

On the subject of rudeness, we were flying home from the Britannia Christmas cruise the other week.  A couple were sat near us - he at the window seat on our row, she behind me in the aisle seat.  The

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I often wonder who these rude people are - it's never anyone on any forum I've belonged to! Not sure about the reclining of the seat - they are not doing anything wrong - but allowing a child to kick the seat in front is wrong. I don't like the jumps-out-of-their-seat-before-the-aircraft-stops person. Why can't they do as they are told? They're the sort of folk who would trample you to death in an emergency. They also probably break the speed limit too. I pet hate is people standing in front of the painted line at the luggage carousel. The line is there for a reason!

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Guest Solent Richard

Nothing wrong with reclining seats whatsoever.


More to do with their misuse by inconsiderate passengers.


And of course, on long haul flights they are a Godsend when not in Business class or trying Air new Zealand's Sky Couch...





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Not only airlines with reclining seats coaches have a similar problem. Noticed a 'gentleman' dive into the front seat and recline it to almost horizontal for the drive from Cadiz to Seville. Naturally no-one sat behind him because they couldn't get into the seats. the problem came when the last passengers got on board and had no seat because the headrest of his seat was resting on the seat behind- what a stupid coach design. He refused to put the seat back up so the passengers got off the coach. I am not sure if seats were found on another coach or they just missed the tour altogether.

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There are always going to be inconsiderate (or unintelligent dependant on how you see it) people around, that unfortunately leads to more rules for everyone.
Another airline irritant are the people who put carrier bags and the like in overhead lockers, when there is insufficient room in the lockers to carry standard cabin cases if everyone took one. I note that Ryanair now insist on all bags including handbags going inside the cabin case, so a "sledgehammer to crack a walnut" rule is introduced because of the "cucumber".

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