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I've never thought about travelling with Seabourn before, but I received that 'Into the Blue' cruise magazine through the door this morning and there's a fab interview with the MD of Seabourn and boy do those cruises sound nice. May be worth saving for and I like the idea that everything is inclusive. She says they specialise in those extra touches like the waiter serving you a surprise dessert or having a free neck massage. Sounds blissful.

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I am a seabourn addict.  We have done over 30 cruises now, and loved going with our kids on the bigger ships because there was so much for them to do.  Now they have grown up and there is just the 2 of us we would find it hard to go back.  Never say never though, there are some great bargains to be had and I am not a cruise snob.  But if you consider all cabins on seabourn are suites, with views and almost all have verandas.  They have stunning full size baths, separate showers, walk in wardrobes, and of course, all the drinks are included, including top quality branded spirits, beers and champagne.  Compare that to a top grade suite and a large bar bill on other lines and the difference in cost is not so great.  I'd say to anyone considering Seabourn, go ahead,try it and you will love it.  We have done 5 now and have another booked for March 2014.

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Hi  I too enjoy cruising with Seabourn as well as SIlversea and Crystal each has a different cruise ambience.  As buddy states Seabourn has a more relaxed dress code while Silversea still have formal nights so everybody will find a cruise which suits their preferences.  A slightly cheaper alternative is Azamara who cruises have both good and service but the cabins are quite small.  If you want 24/7 entertainment and are impressed with glitz these cruise lines are not for you but if you like good food, high levels of service and "llmited"  on board activities they will tick the right boxes. 

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