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Guest Solent Richard

Good morning Kev.


Arcadia is a lovely ship. We have completed three cruises on her and enjoyed each and every one.


I've never let the 'age' issue bother me, you are as young as you feel. having said that I certainly recall that the average age on Arcadia was lower than the more traditional P&O ships, Oriana and Aurora.


I see Arcadia is scheduled into Geiranger. You may wish to take a look at this article I wrote about a recent visit...






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i have cruised on Arcadia and really loved her.  We also got a really good table of people to sit with.  Didn't really take into account the age of travellers on the ship.  As I am getting older and my child is now an adult, I do like the idea of not having screaming children around and splashing you in the pool. Having said that however P&O's kids clubs do seem to keep the children entertained very well.

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I agree with Solent Richard , this ship does seem to  attract to  younger than the avarage traveller on the fleet of the adult ships , but generally the age range does depend on the time of year and the itinerary , so summer to Fjords  you will really enjoy. The photography opportunities are amazing around this part of the world , the Ship is very well designed and also offers a quite a buzzing night life in the Globe  if like me you are into staying awake dancing to the early hours, another great feature is the Skydome over one of the pools so if there are any weather worries you can still laze around .. Enjoy ! :) 

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I think that the shorter cruises will attract a younger crowd. However, on our recent Arcadia cruise to Venice - 17 nights, the age group was quite old and The Globe was pretty much a non-event late at night. There were a few diehards, but not that many. We overheard the DJ saying that he was looking forward to getting off as it was generally dead late at night on the longer cruises. So for seven nights let's hope everyone is up for it.


On the positive side the shows were very good by the Headliners and the bars were buzzing earlier in the night. Look out for the resident pianist who plays very well, probably even better when he's had a few red wines.


Each cruise is different and will attract different folks.



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Just returned from the AO Oriana , and believe you me don't believe all the sour comments you hear regarding the aged and scooters everywhere , or the bit about the ship shutting down at ten pm, it' simply is not true, the joint was rocking entertainment everywhere far more than I have seen on the family ships, you will enjoy the Arcadia remember you're as old as you feel enjoy yourself.CG

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