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I went quite a few years a go now when i was still young enough to go in the kids club and it was one of the best cruises I have ever been on, kids club located at the top at the back with 3 massive areas for age groups, my collegue has also just taken her young boys on a p&o and they didnt want to leave having had such a good time, the youngest she said had brought back more things they had made/drawn/coloured etc in 1 week on board than in most of his time at nursery!

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Great ship for children, it's one of the best ships I've sailed on and both times on board we saw kids having a great time, especially the little ones, they looked like they were loving it and the kids crew were always keeping them busy with plenty of things going on around the ship.  Oceana is just a great ship all round.  I sailed on her last year for my honeymoon and had one of the best cruises we've done so far so my answer would be a resounding yes.

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