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Lovely place. You can get a shuttle from the terminal (otherwise about a 30 min, but boring walk to the old town). There is a local one that is cheaper than the shuttles provided by the cruise line (if P&O it is £3 per person each way). You will be dropped off close to the old town where there are lots of lovely little shops to purchase gifts. Walk through the old town and you will come out at a large open park area with restaurants alongside. Beyond the park is the old fortress (reasonable entrance fee) which is worth checking out and a great 360 degree view from the top.

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Guest Solent Richard

 We visited Corfu last month on the Aurora and were pleasantly surprised. Its a lovely old town with lots gift shops and narrow streets to wander around. We didn't take any transport into the town as it was within easy walking distance, about a 10min stroll.   



Hi Emidex.


When we were there on Ventura in May this year the ship was berthed some distance from the 'Old Town'.


P&O put on a shuttle to the dock gate...




You can just see the shuttle buses at the gangway. 

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I did corfu this year from Ventura, i love greece anyway but had never done corfu before. I wasnt too keen on corfu town maybe because it was really busy as we were wondering around. We took a taxi to dassia to the beach which was lovely. As with other greek islands i have visited found it very friendly, good prices and love the food!!!

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