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The best time to see the Northern Lights is in the winter months moving in to early spring. I know there were several companies this year advertising cruises to see the lights in March. ( tried to book the Oriana and it was sold out so I think you have to book early )

The summer cruises are for the land of the midnight sun.

I have seen the Hurtigruten ships in Norway too, but they didn't seem to spend much time in port as they are working ships rather than "traditional" cruise ships. That said I have friends who have booked them and said the food and service was fantastic !

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hey cruise chef!

we did hurtigruten last year at the end of march, we just managed to see the lights on one evening, it was incredible! i think jan/feb would have been a better month to travel as they might have been a bit brighter but the temp drops rapidly! it was around minus 5 - 8 degrees in march and i think it gets down to about minus 20 in winter!


we really enjoyed hurtigruten, not like your regular cruise ships more of a ferry company. the food was fantastic and i have never had fresh salmon like it! i liked the fact you could jump off in one port and do an excursion down the coast and get back on in a different port so your not covering the same ground!

one draw back with norway though soooooooooooooo expensive! a cocktail on the ship was £14!


look for the special offers on hurtigruten they generally have some offers for nov/dec!

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Someone has advised that the Northern Lights have even been spotted in September this year, if it is to be the best year to spot them is this the right company to travel with or do other cruise companies offer similar voyages

Hi Cruise Chef

Have not travelled on Hurtigruten but have seen their ships in several Norwegian Ports .

Fred Olsen has been advertising Northern Lights cruises for February 2014 so I guess this would be a good opportunity to see a good display .

The cruise is visiting Tromso within the Arctic circle where the lights should be visible.

Good luck with the warm clothing search & hope you manage to find a suitable Northern Lights cruise.

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A few questions for those who have used Hurtigruten :

How is the stability of the ships. I am a little sensitive to a lot of rocking and I guess that these ships are probably more prone to it than the standard cruise ships.

What are the dining arrangements. I prefer to have flexible dining. I don't mind sharing tables with others, but not the same people for a full one or two week trip.

What is the ratio between the "cruisers" and the domestic travellers, and what nationalities other than Norwegian are on board.

How much time is typically allowed ashore. I appreciate that this is like a bus journey for the locals but would hope that I would have at least a few hours in each port.


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Hi two magpies,


it all depends on which ship you choose for stability. I would always advise go for the newer ships such as the 'finnmarken' we found this to be very stable. we did go though quite a bad storm and im not going to lie to you it was a bit rocky!


Dining on board is very flexible. the restaurants open for an hour or two at a time and you can come and go as you please. they will seat you at an availble table but if you want to sit with others you can do. Very relaxed but absoluteley gorgeous food!


On board i couldnt really guess the ratio of cruises to locals. as people were coming and going all the time. you will see the same people thoughout your cruise ie: in the bar or restaurant, the majority of people on board were nowegian but there was quite a few english, french, even an american couple. i would say it is very varied which made it good fun!


typically time ashore ranges from a quick 20 minute stop to 5-6 hours in port. you can come and go as you please and if you want to get off and join the ship further down the coast later that day you can! this we really liked as your not shoved around with the crowds!  


I hope this helps and look forward to hearing your report on Hurtigruten! I cant wait to do it again!


harley x

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