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We did a 7 night cruise with celebrity millennium in June 13, followed by a six night land tour up to Fairbanks mostly via train. We added a three night stay in Vancouver prior to joining the cruise. We stayed at the Pan Pacific which is located above the cruise terminal. They took our bags from the hotel room on the last day and the next time we saw them was in our cabin. The hotel has a lift down to the cruise terminal. It was so well


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Guest Solent Richard

We are considering a trip to Alaska in 2015 (need to start saving).  Has anyone travelled with other than Princess - noticed that Celebrity have some nice itineraries and prices aren't too bad.  How long would you cruise for and how long do you need to see the sights ashore on a landtour?

Good morning Tom.


Yes, my wife and I did an Alaskan cruise last year on board the Regent Seven Seas Navigator.

Most Alaskan cruises are 7 days in length and the itineraries generally follow the same routes, the departure ports and north/south direction being the only great variables.



This was our itinerary...





Regent Seven Seas include excursions in their price and they are great value for money. For a supplement they also offer extensions to their excursions.


Whatever you choose there is just so much to do and see while on an Alaskan cruise...











A full review of our time on Regent Seven Seas Navigator can be found on my Blog site...




I would also be delighted to answer any questions you may have on Alaskan ports of call.

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We did the Canada/Alaska luxury holiday with Bolsover Cruise Club a few years ago. We spent a week in Canada and toured in a coach. Stayed at some of the best hotels(never could have afforded them if not on this tour). Banff castle, Lake Louise, etc. When in the coach if there was anything of interest on the road, i.e grissly bear, elk, then the coach driver stopped for photographs. We had a brilliant guide too who took us up the glacier and provided us with a whisky and water (from the glazier) and photographs. When we reached Vancouver we stayed in the Panpacific Hotel and went down to the cruise ship on the lift straight after breakfast. Luggage was all loaded for us.

We sailed to Alaska on the Diamond Princess, via the inside passage. Whales, seals, otters were in abundance alongside the ship. We went panning for gold, saw a lumberjack show and much more.

This was the best cruise/holiday we have ever been on. Fabulous. Elizabeth

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We have done Alaska twice both with Princess in June & Sept whilst it was warmer in June we prefered Sept as you see all the beautiful colours of  

Autumn as the leaves started changes. Would recommend a Land tour first as this can be tiring and you can relax on the cruise after would not

be so good the other way round. Have stunning photo's of mount McKinley when we went in Sept but not June

If you want to go whale watching take the early morning (7.30) trip as you will see more becasue they will be feeding we did not see many at

lunch time. We booked a heli trip which was cancelled very disappointed as we were not told early enough to enable us to book the whale watching

So hence we went back a second time. If money was no object I would go back every year this country is so unspoilt let's hope it stays that way

Enjoy we did

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Guest Solent Richard

Thank you Solent Richard - I hadn't thought of looking at Regent, but I will now.  Did you see any wildlife such a polar bears, whales etc??


We certainly did.


We saw bears while on the Yukon Railway, Whales while anchored in Sitka  and Bald Eagles, also in Sitka.


One of Regent Seven Seas included excursions took us to a Raptor Centre at Sitka. There we saw...






Each year, the Alaska Raptor Centre at Sitka provides medical treatment to 100-200 injured bald eagles and other birds. It occupies some 17 acres and was a fascinating place to visit.

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Alaska really does sound amazing.  I really want to cruise there at some point.  Need to convince my wife as she likes her warm weather holidays but some of the posts on here make it sound incredible, especially yours Elizabeth.  I've always heard good things about Princess in Alaska so I think if the time does come for us to consider it then I would definitely put them top of my list.

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Guest Solent Richard



We are thinking of going to Alaska for our honeymoon in 2014... it will be the begining of September, is this a good time of year to go? Will there be snow do you know?


We were there in June. Snow was only on the high ground...









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Lots of great advice here.

A lot depends on your budget though considering you are flying from the UK then you want to make the most of your time and the exchange rate actually benefits you in terms of Canadian dollar.

Princess, Holland America and some specialty lines run combination land tours and cruise.  An interesting option is to do a tour of the Canadian Rockies by train and prior or after your cruise using Vancouver as the jump off point , http://www.rockymountaineer.com/en_CA_BC/routes_and_packages/canadian_rocky?gclid=CI7ar8mSicUCFROVfgod0b4A5w&


Cruise length tend to run 7 / 10 / 14 days with Vancouver / Seattle / San Francisco and Anchorage being the main embarkation point.

Carnival , Celebrity . Disney , NCL and some smaller specialty lines are also options to investigate. Sadly Cunard is not an option :) :)

The 7 days cruises can be a return trip via Vancouver or Seattle or a one way cruise which takes you deeper into Alaska , say Vancouver to Anchorage or reverse which means you must take a one way flight to your original embarkation port. An option some folks do is look at a BTB cruise on the same ship as sometimes the price point is better than the one way flight cost but that assumes you have the time.

The land tours are excellent as you are on a special train and stay at special lodges.

Excursions can be simple or the extreme as in tour of the locale, train ride, float plane , glacier helicopter ride , dog sled teams , fishing , gold mining , even a visit to an old brothel and of course bars are all over

The season aside from repositioning runs from May to September , in fact the Grand Princess arrives tomorrow in my town (Victoria) to prep for the season. Prices are lower in May and September while weather is mainly sunny but can be cool and rain can occur off and on, just wear sweaters and spring jackets mainly.

Lots of choices, Alaska is a premium cruise spot due to short season and due to restricted ships per day moving around the Glacier Parks


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Will hopefully visit Alaska soon but expect single occupancy will be high!

Italy is one if my favourite countries !

Looking forward to Norway again in May!

Look into NCL . HA as they now offer single cabins on newer ships also check with your TA as I read a recent report that major lines are starting to remove the premium or off single cabins 

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Hi Fi Fi


Ive heard Alaska is lovely in september you will still see snow but if you wanted a lot of snow your best off going in Jan/ Feb.

I personally would not go on holiday to snow/ cold places - have you thought about an Italian Cruise? I love ITALY!!!

so much pasta and pizza - yum!!

 haha I have done Italy a few times and it is lovely. My Dad got married in a castle in lake garda which was beautful. We flew to rome the day after we got enganged actually which was very romantic :-) I travelled around the world backpacking for 4 years so we were trying to find something a bit different for our honeymoon hence the alaskan cruise with a few weeks travelling around the usa and we definately made the right choice was amazing!! As I used to live in nyc I really wanted to pay a visit before we flew home so it all tied in well! thanks for everyones help :-)

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