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Pepsi Vs Coke - The New P&o Rant

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That's probably because Britvic are the licensed  bottlers for PepsiCo in the UK.

I saw a sort of relationship map of dozens of big companies that you see every day, and they're all owned by just a couple of companies.  It's incredible!


The whole world is owned and governed by 'Super Brands'.

Check out the whole series of super brand videos on youtube...



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Guest Solent Richard

I don't drink either Coke of Pepsi.  I suppose that if a person only drank Coke then they probably wouldn't be happy that there was only Pepsi. My brother only eats Heinz baked beans and can tell the difference if he is served another brand.  I do wish people would not be so disparaging and intolerant about what upsets other people. 


I'm not sure that the OP is either being disparaging or intolerant Fudge.


On an open forum criticism is tolerated.

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