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Mixed Bag On The Eclipse.

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Hello,I think a mixed bag is probably the most accurate description on the entertainment on our recent Eclipse cruise.

Four lads .the Overtures,doing 60s and 70s music- brilliant.

Jon Courtney,very funny very talented pianist.alas same material as the last three times weve seen him.

A Chinese magician,very skillfull but not our taste.

Four young girls singing Beatles music.- It is hard to explain this act without being rude,which of course would be wrong.But here goes.

They were poor and I have never seen so many people walk out of Theatre.


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Oh dear - it sounds like you got a raw deal on Eclipse!


Our entertainment (other than Bobby Davro) was much better.  We did like the Chinese magician though - he's not a guest entertainer but a member of the cast who happens to have a rather special talent!

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I think in retrospect the entertainment mix is better on P and O. My partner loves going to whist, we like deck quoits too and indoor bowling, quizzes etc in that people who are single can join in friendly competitions and not feel isolated.They can meet up at a special tea time table etc. The lectures don't insult your intelligence and are usually interesting or amusing.


On Celebrity Reflection/Eclipse there was nothing much like that as there was a more international mix. I suppost comedians and jokes are harder to understand in some cultures. i.e. the many Japanese on board came to the theatre usually late and after about 20 mins left. Most people liked Ben Fogle but there were not other lectures in 11 days cruising.What I found amazing and I complained about, on Celeb, was the days at sea (good thing I like to read) with trying to sell you something or ballroom dancing lessons and the films on tv and in a small Celebrity Central were a bit strange. Androme??? something, 45 years, dreary for a holiday, Macbeth, too broad scots for us to understand and very dark and of course bloody! Robin Williams picking up a young lad and taking him back to a motel!!!! The Danish Woman - a good film but with the other mix not everyone's cup of tea. Suffragette ok. There was nothing heart warming.


On P and O we saw Belle, 12 years a Slave, Captain Phillips, exciting and Planet of the Apes although not our cup of tea.


On Celeb after the show apart from dancing in the atrium where there are not enough seats so you have to stand to watch or move on - there is a gap until quite late when most have gone to bed. Seats are at a premium in Cafe Bacio after the show too.The Sky lounge up top often had kareoke which was a bit of a killer. Just think Neil Oliver on P and O does it better!

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We've only sailed on the Eclipse once and had a wonderful holiday. However I agree with farmersgirl. We had lovely weather on the sea days so we were able to spend our days on the top deck. If that had not been the case there were no interesting lectures or other suitable activities. The entertainment after dinner was good on the whole but then we played board games with friends as there didn't seem to be anything that rocked our boat after that.

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