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Seadream Yacht Club

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Can’t see much on the Forum for the SeaDream yacht’s. Just want to say what a fantastic experience this is if you’re looking for something totally different to the bigger ships but luxurious and relaxed. SeaDream’s own mantra of ‘’Its yachting, not cruising’’ really says it all.

The two yachts visit lesser known ports in the Caribbean and Mediterranean and give you a cruising experience normally only reserved for the super rich.


I’ve travelled with them on a number of occasions and happy to answer any questions.



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Hi  I would like to try them, but their single supplement rates are higher than I am prepared to pay.   However with the company's imminent purchase of Seabourn's smaller vessels they may have spare capacity in the future and hopefully may offer reasonably priced accommodation for solo travellers.

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Is it confirmed that SeaDream are buying Seabourn's smaller yacht's ? When do they expect to have them in service ?

Hi  I apologise I am wrong the Seabourn ships are going to Windstar but SeaDream have announced they are to add new ships to the fleet as the existing market does not have the type of ships they are looking for.  Here's a link to the information 


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