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You may find  it is cheaper to book 2 cabins  next to each other.


This is what we have done for our next cruise.

Some rooms also have internal adjoining doors.

Just as a note we were speaking to a passenger on the Ventura who had a room x 3 people in. The lady wasn't happy and said it was too squashed for 3, she had complained at the desk and didn't seem as if she was letting it drop???

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We have done 4 in a cabin and they are compact with two adults and two strapping teenage/adult sons but the square footage is clearly marked and you get a very generous discount on the 3rd and fourth persons particularly out of school hols in fact we have even done some were the 3rd and fourth person was free although i think this isn't done anymore but 80% discount is still common.

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We have booked 2 cabins before and it has worked out cheaper than having a suite for 4.   2 balcony cabins or if you plan ahead you can get a balcony with an inside opposite, so you can all share the balacony experience during the day ?? Just a thought Clare

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