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Itv New Show The Cruise Ship

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This summer ITV will be showcasing a “fly on the wall document” The Cruise Ship.

It will show behind the scenes footage of crew & passenger on board Royal Princess.  Not seen any dates for this yet but will be shown over 4 weeks, & support by social media using the #thecruiseship.

Not a huge fan of reality TV, but this might just be my guilty pleasure   :wub: 


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Brilliant, lots of top footage of people being rude to staff, piling their plates to bursting and then leaving it and staff being poorly paid and worked to the bone


Joking apart, hope that it really captures how great the holidays can be and that it isn't just for the grey market

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Just returned from a trip on the sister ship Regal Princess and it was fantastic. The accommodation is absolutely superb and the new configuration of the buffet area - the Horizon Court - has made it a pleasant eating experience with no hassle getting tables and with some waiter service no queues at the drinks station. There was a great feeling of spaciousness on the decks and no problems getting a sun bed or table to sit at. The movie screen was very clear despite the strong sun and the entertainment shows by the ship's company surpass anything I have seen before on a cruise ship and is well up to West End standards.   It should be an interesting show!

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