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Princess Cruises To Appear In Fly-On-The-Wall Documentary

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Below is copied from Travel Weekly


Princess Cruises to appear in fly-on-the-wall documentary (Royal Princess)
By Robin Searle |08 May 2014 at 11.35 GMT 

Princess Cruises is to appear in a primetime four-part fly-on-the-wall documentary on ITV.

The cruise line has revealed that camera crews were given behind-the-scenes access to Royal Princess after it was launched last year by the Duchess of Cambridge.

The results will appear in four episodes of The Cruise Ship, though broadcast dates have yet to be announced.

Paul Ludlow, Princess Cruises managing director for the UK & Europe, said the line was given no editorial control over the series.

But he believes the results will provide a boost for the cruise industry in general, and Princess sales in particular.

“This is the single biggest thing happening for cruise this year as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

“This idea has been in the pipeline for a while now and it quickly became something very exciting.”

He added: “It will show the cruise industry in a really positive light and demonstrate the incredible experiences our guests have on board. Our crew are the stars of the show and it reflects how hard they work.”

The programme allows Princess to once again capitalise on the excitement generated when the duchess helped christen the ship, according to Ludlow.

“There was a great feeling in the industry when the Duchess of Cambridge launched Royal Princess and this will bring back a lot of that feeling,” he said.

“This will only have a positive effect for us as a brand and for bookings.”

Last year, BBC2 broadcast The Cruise: A Life at Sea, a series focusing on the chaplain on Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ Balmoral. It drew criticism that it reinforced perceptions that cruises were for older people, but the line’s Nathan Philpot reported “over £1 million in sales” in the three days after the first show.



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Guest shilly3191

Looking forward to seeing this programme, although I have heard good reports and no critism's of Princess, have never travelled with them. Why don't they use the Pound when sailing from the UK?  Perhaps this is the reason why I have steered clear, all that messing around with dollars!!!!!!

Why should they it would be a massive undertaking to exchange all prices onboard from $ to £ for just a short time and causes no problems because you just get charged to your credit card in $ and let your credit card company do exchange rate automatically and you get a beter rate. IMO having done well over 20 cruises with P&O Princess are a far better cruising experience. Just for interest Cunard have all 3 of their ships based in Southampton until recent fly cruises on QE and have always operated in $ onboard the ships.

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