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Favourite tribute acts?

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Did Round Britain on Arcadia 3 years ago ships first visit to Liverpool, and a band came on board and stayed till Dublin i think and they were a Beatles tribute band, and they were brilliant i swear if you were not looking you would have thought it was the beatles or a record, they were called "The Beatles Tribute band" I think.I live in the south of England and would willingly travel up to Liverpool and pay for accomodation etc to go see them again.

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Hello,there is an Eagles tribute band called,Tallon.Get the connection ?.

We have seen them four times in smallish theatres and in my oppinion they are very very good.

I heard someone once say they are better than the Eagles.I allways choose to ignore silly comments.

They appear every year on at least one Fred Olsen Cruise.


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Guest Solent Richard

We went to a Bon Jovi Experience tribute act on Friday.


Not quite Cunard but would go down a treat with P&O, they were great: so much so I ordered the original Bon Jovi CD from Amazon yesterday.

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