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P & O Baltic Cruise

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Guest Solent Richard

We are going in July this year.  Can anyone recommend some good shore excursions. 




Good afternoon TwoJays.


It may help if you give us your itinerary and possibly the ship.


If you are heading to St. Petersburg then this may help...




Another fun place is Tallin, easily doable on foot...



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Any organised tour in St Petersburg is worth a visit. The Hermitage is a must, as is Peter Paul Fortress where the remains of the Romanovs now rest. Then there is also the choice of concerts in the evening, local dance & music or the ballet. Both are excellent shows.

Organised tours are recommended here as the cruise company arrange a group visa. Easier than trying to sort one out for yourself. Plus, those on tours have priority access over other visitors to the sites.

We have visited this stunning city twice and still need to return as there is so much to see.

Enjoy yourself.

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Hello Solent Richard and Sheila

Thanks for the information on St Petersburg which is most useful.

Can you please let me know what currency you took ashore to cover your incidental expenses (e.g. coffees, snacks, souvenirs etc etc) ?

Will I need to get some Roubles to cover this or are £UK, $US, Euros accepted in St Petersburg ?



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We will be in St Petersburg in early July, but we are not sure if there will be any excursions to places we have not visited. Our first visit we visited the main sights on our to do list. Our second visit we booked all the excursions we hadn't on our first trip. So if anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't bother to take roubles - the Russians don't want them.  In one gift shop in St Petersburg we were taken to everything was priced in dollars!  You do need to do a tour, either with the ship or with an independent company.  We did P&O tours, largely because we did separate ones - I have an ankle problem and can't walk as far as my husband.  You certainly need to be a good walker to do some of the tours - The Hermitage and Catherine Palace - as there's a lot of very fast walking.  My husband did one tour which included a trip on the metro which he really enjoyed - after seeing all the gold items in the palaces.  We also went to the ballet on our first evening there which was really enjoyable.  We also heard good things from those who went to a folk dancing evening.  As we were on Adonia we were able to dock right up the river in the new Cruise Terminal - very unfriendly female immigration officers - not a smile from any of them.  We were lucky in September and had glorious sunshine.

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