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You need more than just one day to see Malta. The old town of Valletta by itself has so much to see. St. Johns cathedral is beautiful and will take the best part of 2 hours to walk round and take it all in. The Palace of the Grand Masters is another place to visit. The National War Museum at St. Elmo Place tells you how the people of Malta were awarded the George Cross. The old Parliament Building, the Barrakka Gardens, Grand Harbour, the list is endless. Have a great time.

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Guest Solent Richard

Advice please on Malta.  Best places or place to visit.  Is there a trip worth taking from the ship on a coach, or is it just as good to do it yourself?  Any other tips please, most welcome.

Thank you.






Good morning CruiseHeaven.


As promised it all came together and I trust this account of a visit to Malta on P&O's Azura will be of interest to you and other members, just follow the link...







I'll be happy to answer any further questions.









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I love Malta although have never been on a cruise.


Valetta is a lovely old town with a real colonial feel.


However, it will take many years for me to  forgive the government for getting rid of the iconic old buses which were such a feature of Maltese life.


I believe some now operate as tourist specials and would recommend the 'experience'

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Hi Cruiseheaven


I have visited Malta several times for a holiday so have had plenty of time to explore the island. I think that as you will only be there for one day you could do a lot worse than to concentrate on Valletta. There is so much to see as has been mentioned elsewhere and you can wander about at your own pace.

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