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Guest Solent Richard

Hello everybody who is reading this e-mail.

My husband and I are going to Venice, can anybody give me any tips please?  Is it easy to get from the ship to the centre of Venice?

Thank you very much to anybody who can help.




Good afternoon CruiseHeaven.


Welcome to the forum.


As if by magic...





It so happens that I only placed this other article on the forum this morning...








Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Hello cruisehaven and welcome to the forum


Sure you will have a wonderful time in Venice. A beautiful city but very busy.


The cruise operators provide a water taxi to get you from the ship's berth to St Mark's Square. Takes about 30 mins

However, there is a charge for this service but you are able to go back and forth on the same ticket. In 2012 P&O charged 14 euros pp. No doubt, it will be more now.


If you do a half day tour, you can stay ashore after the trip and the single fare back to the ship is charged to your on board account (about £8 pp)


PS If you need a drink, do not use any of the restaurants opposite the cathedral. It will cost you a fortune!!  24 euros for a small beer and a diet coke.

The cafes on the front are a bit cheaper though.

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I don't know which cruise line you are sailing with on your cruise to Venice,

P&O have their own own very good blog page, the latest blog has a number of questions and answers re Venice, suitable for new and previous cruisers, which you may find of interest.

Here is a link,


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Guest Solent Richard

Richard, going off thread a bit but, how do you get your photos into the posts without them being thumbnails?


Thanks… PP  :)


I mainly use Flickr for my photography storage.


I copy the image URL and place it inside  the picture code but change the letter 's' in the image URL, that appears immediately before the .jpg to a letter 'z' 

Hope that is of assistance.


On the odd occasion I use Photobucket they don't  seem to need and adjustment of the URL. 



I originally placed a more comprehensive explanation but the system said "You was not allowed to use such an extension on this forum".


I suspect the reason was that I was breaking down the codes to show how it was done.


I will send you the original by PM.

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It all depends the position of where the ship docks. When we were there Oct 2013 we were unlucky our ship docked a long way from the exit gate. If you are ok with walking the distance isn't a problem . There is a lift ( a couple of euros ) that takes you up to the Upper Barraka Gardens and to the town. There is plenty of wifi available in the main pedestrian area just buy a drink and ask for their password. If the ship you are going on has port talks all this info is given. .( I have only done P&O ) taxis are plentiful outside the dock gate.

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Guest Solent Richard

Thanks to all who gave me good advice regarding Venice.  NOW, WHAT ABOUT MALTA?  Any tips?




Okay, you've caught me out. I've not yet done a 'One Way to do Malta' on my blog.


But that will change and pretty soon if this rain I am looking at through the window keeps up today.


Malta is a great visit. 


On board Azura making an entrance to Grand Harbour, Valletta...





We took a local public bus to the Medieval hilltop town of Mdina...






May I suggest you start a separate thread on Malta in the Port Visits Section and by Tuesday I will have something ready.

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We booked on Arcadia last October so that we could sail into Venice on our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Unfortunately it was so foggy the port was closed and we didnt get into the port until lunch time, which meant the tour we booked, including a gondola trip, was cancelled. Just to make things more interesting the Venice marathon was on that day. Still, we went in to Venice and made the most of our day. Would love to do it again though and do the sail in to Venice without the fog.

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Guest Solent Richard

I cant wait to visit Venice in June as part of a Ventura fly-med cruise and ive found Solent Richards Venice guide very useful :) thank you!


Thanks for that Willow. Enjoy Venice, I'm on the same Ventura fly-med programme with extra nights in Venice so I will hopefully manage an in-depth study of the various top attractions.


Bon Voyage.



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