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Florence Or Pisa Or Both?

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I spent a week in Florence a few years ago and still didn't get to see everything. I did a half day tour to Pisa, on a cruise which was ok. It depends upon whether you anticipate going back again. Florence is definitely a must and, whilst others may disagree, if you are to go back at a later date I would suggest doing a full day in Florence and then do another trip to Pisa later…. Just my view but obviously you have to decide.  :)

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Hi jammydodger,<br /><br />Both places are worth visiting. However, having spent time in each on more than one occasion, I would suggest that Pisa is the place to visit from a cruise but that you cannot do justice to all there is to see in Florence in just one day. I guess the difficulty of the decision lies in whether or not you feel you are likely to have the opportunity to visit the area again in the future.<br /><br />Whatever you decide, I do hope you enjoy the magic of Tuscany.

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Guest Solent Richard

Is it worth visiting both places the same day, or is one any better than the other! Never been before myself so not sure?


Good morning Jammy Dodger.


The answer is yes but of course there is always a caveat.


Have a look at this...





Probably the perfect way of killing two birds with one stone.






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