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Norway And Iceland New To Cruising

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I did it in 2010, and we came back via Ireland. It was warmer in Iceland than Ireland. I did the Blue Lagoon in Reyakavic (sp) climbed some hills in Norway and saw some brilliant waterfalls and I was on walking sticks at the time…. its amazing what you will do if you are determined. When I have a minute, and no doubt others will advise you in the meantime, I will get my book out to see which trips I did.   B)

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Hi hudpuppy,

I'm sure others will recommend various excursions. All I can say is we were blown away by the whole concept of seeing the midnight sun over the top of the world. Hope you get the same fantastic weather we had in June and just enjoy the incredible views - particularly in the wee small hours. Have a wonderful first cruise!!

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You've set youself a very high standard and have to realise that not many other places will live up to this one. We've done Norway 3 times and soon will be doing the 4th.

Probably the most popular excursions will be the Golden Circle in Iceland and the Flam railway, but most of the best scenery can be seen from the ship for nothing. We did a visit to Greig's house in Bergen, with a short piano recital, and a goat farm / cheese maker from Geiranger. Both very interesting if you happen to get tired of the endless Fjords, Mountains & waterfalls.

We found the city of Rekyavik a little dissapointing but it's a pleasant walk there round the bay from the ship. There is a newish Concert hall on the way so if you are there overnight you might want to see if there is anything on.

Akureyri is a nice little town with pleasant gardens.

Not been on Oriana so can't help you with any ship advice, but I'm sure you will have a great time.

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