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Obstructive View Balcony Cabins

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We have had an obstructed view cabin on Eclipse. There are two types, D category which has a large lifeboat in front of the rail, or C category (not the same C as concierge) which has the top of the lifeboat level with the floor of the balcony you cannot look directly down to the water, but the horizontal view is not obstructed. We had 6156, which is a 2C on the slanted part of the ship, so had a very large balcony for the price of obstructed view so was a good deal.

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Don't worry about the obstructed view balconies on Ventura.  They have to describe them as obstructed view as they are obligated to do so but when you get on board, it's actually just a beam from the structure of the ship that flows through the balcony.  There's no real obstruction at all.  I have stayed in one of these cabins so know from personal experience.

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