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Guest shilly3191

Everywhere in Dubrovnik will accept the euro if you ask the only place where you cannot use the euro is if you want to walk the old walls. We have been numerous times and never been refused with the euro.

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Why not use a Halifax Clarity Card? No ATM charge, No transaction charge, No Commission and top exchange rates. Interest is charged at 12.8% p.a. from the time you use the ATM until you pay it back. I have just returned from Bulgaria where the local exchange rate was 2.12 Lev to the pound. On my card I was getting 2.33 a difference of 9%. On a £1,000 that is £90, need I say more. In the last 12 months I have used mine all over Europe, USA and Africa without any problems. Like shilly3191 I found that the Euro was widely accepted in Dubrovnik when I was there in May.

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Euro was being accepted in Dubrovnik in October but as before, but not accepted to walk the walls,

We always changed money on the ship and the exchange rates were based daily it was put to our account and if we had any change ( coins etc ) left on leaving a country it was put in the Life Boat collection box, you never know if you might need them.

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