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Re-New Wedding Vows

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Myself and my husband renewed our wedding vows on board Ventura in Oct 2013, we managed to get the day we were married on so it was exactly 25 years. It was a lovely experience. The service was conducted by the captain. We had the help of a coordinator on board. You get a free photo in with the package in a silver frame, flowers for yourself and button hole for hubby, cake and champagne. The photographer is personal to you and takes pictures all round the ship just like a wedding. We had an amazing time.

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We booked "renewal of vows" on Thomson Majesty a couple of years ago, but explained that the ceremony was actually to celebrate our engagement.

The social host on board made sure that everything went very smoothly. We had written our "engagement declaration" and he had it printed and laminated, and gave a copy to the (Greek) Captain a couple of days early so he could familiarise himself with the words.

We were invited to eat at the Captain's table the night before the ceremony, and a table was reserved for us in the theatre afterwards.

We met up the following day, half an hour before the ceremony for a drink before he escorted us to the Bridge which had been decorated with flower arrangements! A guitarist played softly in the background and a waitress stood by with glasses and Champagne.

The ceremony was conducted by the Captain,  a cake was cut, champagne opened and many photographs taken. We were then taken around the ship by the Photographer and returned to a decorated table in the bar for canapés and more champagne. When we got back to our cabin there was yet another bottle! Dinner that evening was served at a decorated table in the steak house.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. 

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