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    Good afternoon everyone. I'm seeking any help re extra on board spend for ex P&O officers. I have been told that it is now available to ex Merchant Navy personel. Any one been successful and how difficult is it? Fed up with hearing friends that did their 2 years National Service getting it and ex P&O Officers not getting anything. I'm sure that there must be a load of ex Merchant Navy personel not happy with the situation. Looked into the Defence Privilage Card ID as someone mentioned but you have to been in a War Zone eg Falklands, Iraq etc to qualify.
  2. New to forum. Just back from 15 day cruise on Celebrity Constellation from Singapore to Abu Dhabi. Having been on 4 previous cruises with Celebrity and loved them we recomended our good friends to travel with us, what a mistake. The Constellation is desperate for a refit and going into dry dock in May. I've never sailed on a ship with as much rust painted over as on the Promenade deck and that includes cargo, bulk carriers and tankers from my time at sea. Usually the food is great but on this cruise it was hit and miss, know we could have sent it back but couldn't be bother
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