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  1. sammy sun i cant believe you wouldnt enjoy a bit of 'Love Me For A Reason..'
  2. Hi, I haven't been on here for a while but having just read a news bulletin about P&O's new entertainment i thought i'd write! Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy of Westlife & Boyzone fame will be performing a new show in Britannia's Limelight Club called 'Boyzlife'! From what i can gather it's only on one cruise in August but the tickets are £49 each including a three-course meal. They're on for a few nights so a good chance to see it. According to the news 'Guests will be treated to a night of reminiscing and nostalgia during an exciting show packed full of untold stories from t
  3. A little festive joke for you... What song do you sing at a snowman's birthday party?
 Freeze a jolly good fellow!
  4. You can't beat a bit of Shakin' Stevens to get you into the Christmas spirit!!
  5. It's such a shame people are jumping ship already? Just click on the 'home' button and the menu/layout looks virtually the same to me? Am i missing something?
  6. Goodbye HLM! We'll miss you
  7. Looks good! Why don't people like change? It's not massively different, once you've clicked around in one or two places you'll your way around it's still nice & easy to use.
  8. I've just seen that P&O are offering free kids places on some of their Ventura sailings. Since when have P&O started doing free kids places?! I've never seen any before. They're on here if anyone wants to have a look http://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/cruise-deals/cruise-deals/family-cruise-deals/ There's a May holiday which incorporates half term from approx £2500 for 2 adults and two kids
  9. I will admit to being one of those people who quite often believes a lot of what I read, but can the 'experts' be right when they say the Northern Lights will eventually go out? The article I've just read states: Why? It's all to do with the period of solar minimum, the declining stage of Solar Cycle 24. Some recent reports have claimed that this will make the Northern Lights invisible. It then goes on to give you a scientific explanation, if you're interested you can read the article here . Oh and don't forget to read the 3 myths about the Northern Lights at the bottom of the pag
  10. I know the February departure has gone up by £60 each already but there are a few dates in Jan still at £599. Ideally i would have wanted Feb half term but as always it's more expensive (like £999 each person!)
  11. I've no idea where you're looking at for your information but I've just looked this itinerary j708 up on P&O cruises website and it doesn't say anywhere '17 ports' and if you look at the day by day itinerary it clearly says next to some place names Cruise by – you will pass this destination but will not disembark
  12. I know Tally it's so sad it happened during a basic security drill.
  13. I've just come across this video on a travel news feed, quite impressive! Made me 'lol' anyway ! https://youtu.be/sOC9oe_n70A
  14. I have always been charged credit card fees when booking holidays, last year with Thomas Cook (I think 1.5%) and a couple of years ago with Iglu and it was a whopping 2.5%! Where possible I always try and pay by bank transfers when its for a large amount.
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