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    Bailey got a reaction from *Dancing Queen* in Washing Machines, Dryers and Irons on Ventura   
    I never use the launderette.  I am on holiday!!! x
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    Bailey got a reaction from B&M in Passengers offloaded   
    If it ruins it for everyone else then they should be removed.
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    Bailey got a reaction from B&M in What Should The Dress Code Be?   
    I like the formal nights. it makes the evening a real occasion.
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    Bailey got a reaction from Ahoy in Independence of the Seas   
    I have heard some  brilliant reports about the Independence Of The Seas. I have a friend who travels on her every year.
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    Bailey reacted to doratheexplorer in overatated tourist attractions   
    little mermaid in Copenhagen, spent 2 days looking for it to find it is only slightly bigger than me! not quite sure what i was expecting
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    Bailey reacted to Popsicle in Glastonbury   
    I would LOVE to go to a festival and see so many artists in one place
    I don't do mud. I don't do smells. I don't do crazy drunken drug fueled people.
    I'll watch from the warmth and pleasantness of home haha!
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    Bailey reacted to loz6 in Msc Don’T Tell The Bride   
    I saw this last night. so funny bless him. i got the feeling that MSC did alot in the background aswell.
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    Bailey reacted to tigerlilly in Msc Don’T Tell The Bride   
    i thought the guns n roses video theme last was bad! I would not have gone through with the one last night if it was me I'd kill him!!
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    Bailey reacted to roseyroo in Late Mediterranean Cruising on Oceana   
    Oceana was the first cruise we went on and I remember being bowled over by the atrium and the friendliness of the ship
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    Bailey reacted to jaguar01 in What will the outcome be ?.   
    Hello, Some time ago Solent Richard was singing the praises of the travel insurance company we are with.We had to cancel our cruise on Queen Elizabeth 7th November when I became ill .They, the medics are still a little baffled. We finally got the claim form back from the surgery today. Lets see how good they really are. Rearrange this well known phrase or saying : breath hold don't. What a cynic.  
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    Bailey reacted to Maddie3 in Just Booked First Ever Cruise On Ventura   
    I love ventura! Think shes my fav ship out of the p&o fleet.. really good for children!
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    Bailey reacted to showgirl in Why do people moan about using the hand gel onboard   
    Its amazing how many people use public toilets and just walk out with out washing their hands
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    Bailey reacted to dst87 in Drinking Alcohol.   
    Someone consuming alcohol on a ship doesn't necessarily impact other people (though those who drink in excess can, but that's not the question).
    Those who smoke on a ship do necessarily impact other people because of passive smoke and the smell left behind.
    Someone drinking on the balcony next to you (or above you, or below you) won't stop you using your balcony or cause harm to you and your family.
    Someone drinking in the pool area won't detract your use of the same area or cause harm to you and your family.
    So I don't think the two are comparable.  Frankly I'm happy for people to kill themselves in whatever way they want as long as they don't impact others, be that through drink, smoking or food.  Smoking is the only one that impacts other people, so it's the only one I have much of an issue with.
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    Bailey reacted to angel in Personal Travel Agents/Advisors   
    I have an agent that I use all the time. I know generally when she is off and if she isnt available when I do call she always calls me back. There are times that she goes away so I either wait till she gets back or one of her collegues is always happy to help
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    Bailey reacted to Terminator in Come back Carol Marlow all is forgiven.   
    They're losing business because there is more choice than ever..even sailing from Southampton.
    The traditional P and O ers are a dying breed so they need to up their game and I'm afraid they're losing out to the new kids on the block as there's no such thing as brand loyalty any more.
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    Bailey got a reaction from Oldworldtraveller in Adios To Adonia   
    I went on Fred Olson Balmoral and I found the staff and the ship extremely friendly. I Highly recommend it if you want a smaller ship.
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    Bailey reacted to Little Mermaid in Britannia...did You Know?   
    Very interesting facts.
    I'm particularly interested in the bar statistics and even though we are only on her for 2 nights I will be doing my best to see them all.
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    Bailey reacted to Peter D in Britannia - My Thoughts   
    Just came back off B513 - Around the UK, so food for thought.  My views only.
    Just love her colour scheme, browns, creams, blues, reds, greens and they blend in to make her interiors very modern.
    We did not use, Limelight, Crystal Room, or the top decks (due to weather) so I cannot comment on these. We also did not do quizzes, talks etc so again no comment.  I am not going to say anything about the lack of Promenade deck, too much has been said already.  Due to our type of cabin I am not going to comment on cabin size or balcony size. That leaves us with......Britannia.
    We think her colouring is very contemporary and modern and suits her style. Her public spaces are large and open but you can still find quiet places to sit and relax. Her corridors and the flow take some getting used to, but once you have master this it is easy to find different areas quickly.
    The Atrium must be seen to be appreciated; photos do not do it any justice, its Crystal Chandelier must be seen to take in its majesty. It is open with lots of tables and chairs and with plenty of room to just sit. The surrounding bars, coffee shop and market stall blend in well to this open area.
    In the evenings then the Atrium bars are nice places to relax and enjoy your pre dinner drinks and if you look closely enough they have some hidden spaces behind the bar areas and outside space on deck 7.
    Her dining areas have been well planned with the Meridian and Peninsular restaurants seeming to have more space, they have been divided up into sections and the tables are well spaced out. For those liking tables for two, lots of these and room in between so you do not feel like you are sitting at a table for eight like Azura or Ventura. The staff here work hard and always have a pleasant way about them. The MDR food was good and most importantly hot. The Horizon Buffett is open, lots of tables and her food area well laid out and easy to access.
    The Speciality restaurants of Sindhu and Epicurean are stunning places to dine and they have some nice touches like booths for two so you can have that special intimate meal without feeling watched from other tables.  Worth the supplement.
    Staying with Sindhu it is in a great location, Deck 7 between mid and aft lifts. As well as the restaurant area it has a nice people watching bar to the front that was well used by everyone, including us.
    I thought the Glass house was a little underwhelming and I think that this stems from its location in the Atrium on Deck 7, see niggly bits later. However, the food is still excellent and worth trying, especially the little, or not so little plates.
    The other bar areas have great staff who are there for you. Brodies, Crows Nest, Blue Bar are all great areas to sit and have a drink, people watch and just enjoy. We loved the Crows Nest with its forward looking seats. However, they could have made the windows bigger.
    The entertainments areas are good. The Theatre is well used and the headliners have upped their game with great shows. But again on some occasions this was only 2/3rds full and on others you just could not find a seat with queues outside.
    The Live Lounge is brilliant, with the resident band Pulse here most nights. This area is also used for some speciality acts and sometimes the queues for these acts were from its front doors to the photography area which makes trying to get past to go somewhere a little difficult. On some days when the resident group was on it was less than half full, shame really they are a good group, but I can see this changing when Britannia does the Med or the Caribbean with a younger clientele.
    For those that require them then the daily newspapers are placed outside the Blue bar.
    Top Decks
    On top, well due to the weather this was a very quiet.
    I mentioned the Buffet area earlier.
    The Sunset Bar to the rear is mainly undercover and spacious and a fantastic place to watch the sailouts. There is also a quiet area with pool to the front of the ship with some nice seating areas.
    For us the niggly bits, not complaints, just not thought through and they did not spoil the cruise or enjoyment of the ship.
    Going back to the Atrium. Yes a great place to sit and enjoy during ports days or even at night but a sea day and everything changes. It seems everyone want to sit here and enjoy the ambiance. That makes finding a seat and table to enjoy a drink or meal difficult because these are taken by passengers reading papers and doing crosswords. So for areas like the Blue Room, Java, Market Garden and for us the Glass House almost unusable.
    Staying with the Glass House, not the best place to put it. Just not enough tables and too open to the Atrium, even at night.
    Whoever designed the Cinema needs shooting. It is flat and so unless you are 6' 11" or more do not sit at the back because you will not see half of the screen.
    What I call the nick nack shop, you know the one that sells everything has been hidden on Deck 5, away from all the other shops and out of sight of the Atrium near to Reception, also hidden away and the Excursion area. Whilst the Future Cruise desk has been given prominence on deck 7. I can understand its location but the problem with this is again passengers sitting outside enjoying the comfortable seats reading papers etc and if you are waiting to see someone, you a) do not know who is also waiting and you stand, sometimes up to 30 mins.
    The shops, the upmarket shops, are taking the mickey with their prices. We have seen and Jennifer owns Swarovski and Colgau Jewellery that we have purchased from local Jewellers cheaper. By this I mean even if you take 10% off they are still £50 - £100 more expensive on board. I have a watch purchased in Chester that was £150 cheaper than on board. In my opinion they are taking up good public space.
    Now the lifts and what I see as the problem. For public areas you can only walk, use a wheelchair, walking frame etc from Aft to Forward on Deck 7, ie: deck 7 is the only deck with a passage from the aft lifts to the forward lifts. On decks 5 & 6 you cannot access the aft lifts at all from the atrium. However, you can access the forward lifts. This causes problems to those with walking disabilities. Because if they are on deck 5 and want deck 6 or 7 the only way is either the mid-section lifts or the forward section lifts. But, the MDRs of Meridian and Peninsular are mid-section and the Blue bar, Limelight Club and Market Garden are mid-section. So for them they can only be reasonably expected to use the mid-section lifts. To me the big problem is passengers without any difficulties using the mid-section lifts. They need to get real and leave these for the passengers that need them. If they want a lift then can either walk to the forward section or use the stairs to deck 7 and walk to the aft section. Shock and horror I hear you say, walk that distance. Well it is 130 steps, I know I paced it. But, they scream we need stairs. Well I saw able bodied passengers get on lifts and get off at the next floor, I saw passengers in a cabin near to where our cabin was get in a mid-section lift, we walked to the aft section lift and found that they had walked the length of the passageway to their cabin in the aft section of deck 11. Now they could have walked to the aft lifts on deck 7 and used them. We are both in our 60s and use the stairs as much as possible and definitely not use the lift for one floor, up or down. OK, if your cabin is mid-section it is a pain to walk to the aft or forward sections to use lifts and then walk back to the mid-section. But I see this has exercise and with all the good food something that most passengers should do.
    Because we had an Aft cabin if required we used these lifts and must say never waited more than a minute for on, mainly empty, seems everyman and his dog wants to use the mid-section ones.
    Ok, for you diehards she is not like Canberra or even the the QE2. Saying that I bet cruisers who had been around for a while thought the same about these ships when they were launched. My thoughts is that this is the 21st Century and she is a ship for the 21st Century. That from a 60+ year old.
    Overall we really enjoyed Britannia, for us a 9/10.  Now, would we go back on her. That would depend. Our favourite ship is Azura and after our cruise it still is. So, that would be our first choice. However, right destination, right cabin, we were spoilt in ours and of course right price yes we would. For us, well guess what, we are back on her next month and now having been on her once really looking forward to all she has to offer.
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    Bailey reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Norway And Arctic Circle   
    In the winter it is very cold. I am at Kirkenes airport waiting for my return flight after spending 5 days here. Temperature at present is minus 18.
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    Bailey got a reaction from angel in Rip The Holiday Brochure   
    I like brochures to have an initial look through, but they can get out of date and new editions are not always printed so I look at both. The most up to date information can be found online.
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    Bailey reacted to kellyohara in Select Booking - Price Guarantees   
    When you book a holiday you have obviously decided the price is ok for you so thats why you book it, I dont understand why people continue to check the price even though they have booked to see if it has changed, whats the point!!. you agreed a price so why think what if!!...I wouldnt but thats me rant over!
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    Bailey reacted to RiverSong in Supermarket Offers   
    Maybe this is why Aldi are doing so well, no gimmicks or BOGOF no fancy stores to pay for, you buy what you need.
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    Bailey reacted to buddy in Sting On Cunard   
    i am not personally a big fan of Sting however I appreciate as a  musician he has entertained many many people over the years. I have seen lots of entertainers on board both P&O and Cunard who wouldn't have been 'my cup of tea' but in general thoroughly enjoyed them.
    not everyone likes the same things - variety is the spice of life!!!!
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    Bailey reacted to dst87 in Really?   
    Oh hell no!  Mind you, it would be a very effective way of freeing up some sun loungers by the pool!
    I think if I were to walk out wearing that I'd clear the whole flippin' deck!
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    Bailey got a reaction from Tally in Flying   
    I like cruising from Southampton. There is less fuss and waiting around at airports. I wish more cruise ships sailed from the uk.
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