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  1. Today sees the launch of a fantastic new itinerary, Oriana’s South America and Caribbean adventure departing 6 January 2016. It’s a 50 night round trip cruise from Southampton and is already proving to be extremely popular with over 130 Cruise Club members booked this morning! It’s one of those itineraries that will not be around for very long, so I recommend you take a look now if you enjoy a longer voyage with plenty of time at sea. Michael Wilson MD, Bolsover Cruise Club & The Cruise Holiday Shop
  2. Now generating our own power, lets hope the sun shines!
  3. Day 8, finally, following many interruption by thunderstorms of the past week or so, the 270 PV panels were fitted today ready for commissioning tomorrow. M Wilson MD
  4. End of Day 7, just one more day to go ready for switch on Friday.
  5. 270 PV panels arrive from Lithuania, 1 day late as lorry got stuck in the M1 closure yesterday at junction 27
  6. Day 2, support brackets in place. Worst noise over for Admin Team on the upper deck. These pictures give a much better idea of the area of roof to be covered in PV panels!
  7. Work started today on a 72 KW Solar Panel roof at our main Call Centre and Bureau in Barlborough. The scheme is anticipated to produce over 80% of our electric needs, which means we will not be exposed fully to the expected increase in energy costs over the next two decades. The flat roof design makes the roof perfect for this installation and we will be generating electricity in just a week from today. Michael Wilson MD
  8. Well done to my team !!! Great to pick up an award that is awarded by cruise travellers themselves, not an industry judging panel. Means so much more. Michael Wilson MD Bolsover CC
  9. MIW2966


    Sat reading forum posts in Dubai with gin and tonic to hand. Beautiful sunset, perfect weather, bliss. Great to see so many new members!
  10. Try Holiday Extras through our partnership programme, you can chose from single trip, annual, policies designed for the cruise holiday maker and bespoke insurance for anyone up to 89 years with a pre existing medical condition. Good rates and service. We have used them for many years and have thousands of satisfied clients. Book online @ www.insurancereferrals.co.uk?agent=WT843. Michael Wilson, MD Bolsover Cruise Club
  11. Suggest you Check with your debit card provider, as they mostly offer the same financial protection these days. Also, if your payment is made directly, then your bonding lies with the operator and not the travel agent who simply acts as an arranger.
  12. MIW2966


    I have enjoyed all three, great cruise line! Love the grills.
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