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  1. Many Congratulations! Richly deserved award for all the staff. You work really hard to help us get the holiday cruise of our dreams. Kind Regards, Colette Rogers
  2. Oh Yes!!!!How I agree! It was enough to drive me insane on my first cruise that people didn't get the hang of this getting on/getting off lark! Security is that! We need it so we don't get bumped off, yet STILL people don't get it and moan and groan-the very folk who, if the boat went up with a bomb would moan and groan about no security so what do you expect. I was new at it. I always had my card ready. There again in the supermarket I have my card ready for when I've packed my shopping away-I hang it in the slot of the card holder.
  3. Thank you Dancing Queen for your response. This has answered my concerns.
  4. That's dreadful! Not the way to treat a client at all. I Hope that you have made a written Formal Complaint to the company?
  5. Well done Sinbad10 in handling it so well! So if I go on a cruise and find on disembarkation a man shackled to Reception as I leave I know that it is you having a dispute 😂😂😂
  6. Good advice Dozydo. As a new cruiser I shall be undertaking your strategy and asking for my bill every two days the next cruise I go on. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. My friend and I were recently on the Aurora. We elected for Freedom Dining. Queues were short. We were greeted by the same two waiters and handed over to the head waiter for the table we were shown too-choice of sharing preference offered o not. We met other cruisers that we would not had met had we had fixed dining and fixed table. It gave us tbe variety we wanted and we made friends with other cruisers. I'm all for Freedom Dining. Last year I was on a mini cruise on the Venturer. Fixed dining. Hated it as no chance of eating earlier than second sitting. As in a group no choice and had to sit
  8. Halifax Clarity every time!
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