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  1. https://www.tradewindsnews.com/cruise-and-ferry/carnivals-p-o-cruises-uk-said-to-be-selling-oceana-cruiseship/2-1-838865 Well, it has made the trade press now so surely P&O will have to move quickly to confirm or deny it...
  2. Well, that's confused me - the Smith & Jones reference.....🤔
  3. As you've mentioned the burgers, I must say I think that are pretty awful now too. The move to pre-cook and wrap them was a retrograde step imho. The freshly cooked burgers and hot-dog sausages on Coral Princess last year were in a different league!
  4. There is a fairly strong rumour doing the rounds that Oceana is feted for disposal from the P&O fleet sooner rather than later.
  5. Definitely true - and indeed, they have said they already have agreements for the six but that there will be others in the near future. With regard to P&0, I am hoping that the only possible contender would be Oceana. Although Iona needs a lot more pax to fill her, she will probably be more suitable for any social distancing measures that might be required. Additionally, as she will be much more cost-effective to operate, they can afford to sail her less full at a likely profit.
  6. Sorry, but for me it is just like going into Boots or WH Smith for a cheap and nasty pre-packed sandwich. Just not something I want to do whilst on a ship thanks.
  7. No, I don't think they are keen to do anything that will harm the industry even further. The ban is only effective in USA waters and has a get-out clause to end it early should the Covid-19 situation improve significantly. I guess you only have to look at the current situation in the USA to understand the ban. In terms of the other issues people have made on this thread, personally I feel I am unlikely to cruise again until any sort of social distancing on board ships is deemed not necessary. Also, when travelling solo, I would have to be able to eat with others as , for me, eating alone
  8. I must say that if I was asked to name something I would get rid of on P&O ships, the 'Grab & Go' counters would be a contender for the top spot!
  9. Yes, the balcony cabins on Aurora do attract a premium. She has the fewest in the fleet, with even similarly-sized Oceana having a full deck more! Pleased to hear you have booked it. Just forget about price and have a wonderful cruise when it comes around.
  10. I certainly wouldn't say the buffet is a favourite part of a ship but I do use and value it. In general, I eat more breakfasts in the MDR but will use the buffet if I am on an excursion or sometimes on a sea day if in warmer climes to eat out on deck. I do use it for lunch, especially on P&O ships as their MDR lunch menu seldom entices me. Almost never use it in the evening though. We all hear the horror stories about pax handling things and I am sure they are true but fortunately I have not so far experienced any gastric problems whilst on a cruise.
  11. I can understand why you are miffed and would probably feel likewise. Sadly, I think you have been hit with a double whammy. With the current situation, it would seem that bookings for 2021 are pretty healthy as many pax have moved from cancelled cruises this year to next and some have chosen to do the same before cancellation. On top of that, you are looking at Aurora, which of course has a limited number of balcony cabins. I'm sure if your cruise had been aboard one of the larger ships with copious balcony cabins, the situation would be very different. Getting a good result out of staff in C
  12. I also have mine with HG and do exactly the same as you Ray.
  13. Good for you David - hope it works out really well. An acquaintance was on the Zaandam South America cruise that was affected by the current crisis. He was on for far longer than planned as disembarkation at ports in South America was denied. He is a very experienced cruiser and had nothing but praise for the way HAL dealt with it all.
  14. From what I have read, he has been a very influential figure in the Cruise Industry and will be a big loss to them. With the current health crisis hitting the industry, the smaller ships could actually have a very good future once cruise travel opens up again.
  15. Thanks for asking Jenjen. As someone who has lived alone for getting on for 8 years now, I suppose in some ways it is easier to adjust - but that certainly doesn't mean it is any less frustrating or boring. I had a one-week cruise on Fred Olsen's Boudicca booked for 18th May which of course was cancelled. Fred were very sensible and their opening gambit was to cancel through to 23rd May. My cruise buddy and I took the option of an extra 25% cruise credit to book a 9-night cruise (also on Boudicca) for next June (2021). I also have a cruise booked on P&O Aurora this October, wh
  16. I largely agree with what you say but don't think it is quite as simple as that. Yes, the ships are registered overseas because, as I understand it, that brings certain tax breaks and makes employing crew cheaper. Having said that however, the main companies (E.G. Carnival Corporation) are registered/incorporated in the USA or UK. I wonder how that affects the tax situation? Perhaps it would be helpful if the home countries made it more cost-efficient for cruise lines to register ships at home? Also, regardless of that, they must still contribute a lot to the economy by way of home-po
  17. Just a thought - I wonder if the "volunteers" crewing the Easyjet flight were paid staff members? Maybe Easyjet requested volunteers rather than force someone to crew when they might feel vulnerable? I have no doubt BA didn't do the repatriation flight free. I suspect P&O have had to pay and they will maybe seek some help from the appropriate home countries. The P&O Chief Exec (or 'President' as they call him) has already hinted that when possible, the ships will resume sailing gradually. As you say, getting crew back from all over the World will be quite a logistical nigh
  18. Certainly agree with your first paragraph. The second paragraph will depend on what happens to the Australian cruise market, The reputation of cruising has really been battered in Australia and also there must be a question mark over how many pax will want to take 'long distance' cruises for a while until the effects of this pandemic start to be forgotten...
  19. P&O are trying to get the majority of their crew home and so the ships will have a skeleton technical/maintenance crew left on board. Much of the time they are either berthed or at anchor, so will be using far less power. Not being a 'techie' I don't know how that operates in terms of engines and generators but they will be on some sort of 'base' power and so emitting less. Those that are docked tootle out to sea for a day or two at a time, which I have read elsewhere is to do with discharging 'grey water', but will also keep the engines ticking over.
  20. To be honest, I think they have only made it indefinite as they don't have any idea how long this virus will be raging. I agree it will be some time. On another forum I am part of, there are still people hoping that perhaps their cruises at the end of May will take place 🙄. I don't think there is any likelihood of any these ships being back in service before Autumn at the earliest and I am certainly not at all confident the cruise I have booked for October will happen.
  21. Just had a quick whizz around on Marine Traffic: Miami/Fort Lauderdale - 20 Bahamas area - 28 East Coast USA - 17 West Coast USA - 11 Barbados - 9 Mexico - 4 Italy - 8 Athens - 8 Marseille - 3 Lisbon - 1 Australia - 16 I also noticed a lot of ships on the go that only came up as "Passenger Vessel" and no details available.
  22. Currently: Alongside in Southampton: Azura, Britannia, Ventura Alongside Dover Cruise Ship Pier: Aurora, Oceana Alongside in Tilbury: CMV Astoria & Magellan, Saga Sapphire & Spirit of Discovery, Viking Star Alongside in Bristol: CMV Marco Polo At anchor in the Firth of Forth: Fred Olsen Balmoral, Black Watch & Boudicca (to be joined I believe by Braemar) At anchor off the Isle of Wight: Marella Celebration. In the near future: Arcadia is due back in Southampton on 12th April. Queen Mary 2 on 16th April Queen Victoria is currently
  23. Not sure I entirely agree with everything you say there. Although some of the lines have slightly scaled back their new-builds in terms of size, the general trend for most lines is still in an upward direction. Some, like Cunard, HAL and Princess have tried to resist it but their ships are still growing in size. What happens now of course is anyone's guess. This crisis must dent the cruise market to some degree - either temporarily or permanently. I still believe the next P&O ship to go will be Oceana. She is the same age as Aurora but was built for warm weather cruising, which i
  24. From what I have seen, many cruise lines started by offering FCC of 125% but subsequently, most have reduced it to 110% or even just 100%.
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