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  1. A great shame indeed. Whilst I didn't have a current booking with them, it was certainly my intention to sail with them again - maybe as soon as next August when the entire fleet were due to meet in Rotterdam. If, as looks likely, no-one takes up the slack, there will be no 'budget' cruise line sailing out of UK ports.
  2. I do think the situation on River Cruises is very different to Ocean Cruises though. They hold far fewer pax - often only a couple of hundred. Also, they seldom have a non-port-day, so it is very easy to offload a passenger who has any illness symptoms.
  3. I use a similar site called Marine Traffic. It was a bit more enjoyable when I lived down on the south coast as the ships were sometimes 'just down the road' - albeit far enough out in the English Channel not to be visible.
  4. The announcement from Fred's holding company said they would be looking to divest two of the current fleet. Whilst not confirmed, I would be very surprised if this is not Black Watch and Boudicca. I would therefore expect the two new ships to largely fill the same itineraries on the same dates. The ones that probably will change are any that transit the Keil Canal.
  5. I think this is a very good move for Fred as this pair are roughly 20 years younger than Black Watch and Boudicca, which are likely to leave the fleet now. I will be sorry to see them go as they are lovely, elegant sister-ships who are very much grande dames of the sea. On a personal front, it will also put the kibosh on my double-transit of the Keil Canal aboard Boudicca next year ☹️
  6. Many cruise fora have tended to go quiet in the winter months when there are less pax off on cruises. I guess it stands to reason then that things will be even more quiet with no cruises happening at all. Hopefully once cruising returns things will perk up again.
  7. I do so hope that they survive. Had a great cruise aboard Marco Polo a couple of years ago. If they do sadly fold, those of us that prefer smaller ships will have very little choice in the mid-market range. All the new smaller ships seem to be in the boutique/luxury market.
  8. Hmmmmm. "Could be ready" and "needed for an emergency". That certainly doesn't fill me with confidence....
  9. Aye, but there's the rub, as they say. All the time Covid is causing alterations to cruising, the experience on board is not going to be the same. We don't know how entertainment is going to be presented. With reduced numbers, social distancing, one way systems etc, who knows what things will be like?
  10. As much as I love my sea days, a 10 to 14 night cruise going nowhere just wouldn't be attractive to me. You also have to remember that as the weather turns worse in October and onwards, you would have 2 to 3 days at either end when the weather might not be good enough to be out on the open decks...
  11. I just hope that this doesn't put Aurora in the frame for, as Carnival's CEO says, recycling! If she goes, there will only be one ship I would sail on....
  12. Sadly, I suspect with hotels operating at reduced capacity and many people reluctant to travel overseas at the moment, prices will probably have rocketed.
  13. Have you tried checking Eastbourne for hotels? It is a fairly traditional seaside town and might have more hotels offering full board. A friend of mine regularly visits the Hydro Hotel there and loves it.
  14. Will keep my fingers crossed for you for both of them but I think February is more likely than November.
  15. With the current situation nothing is guaranteed but Arcadia should be safe for next year...
  16. Oceana left Southampton this evening bound for Piraeus.
  17. Oceana left Southampton this evening bound for Piraeus.
  18. Totally agree about the Grand Class ships. Been on Azura twice and probably never again - just feels so overcrowded to me.
  19. Yes, they seem to keep adding extra decks at the forward end!
  20. They used to be nice a few years back but now are no better than a supermarket own-brand frozen burger.
  21. Personally, I am not giving much thought to cruising this winter because of the reasons you state. I am due to fly to San Francisco at the end of January to join Arcadia but really doubt that will happen. I am not a Caribbean fan fortunately, so if this winter's season should end up being cancelled it will not affect me. A lot will depend on the future path of the virus and whether there are more spikes.
  22. They only started taking Oceana cruises off the website this morning. I think booked pax have been e-mailed. She's definitely gone. On another forum, someone mentioned that electrical (possibly stage) equipment was being taken off the ship in Southampton yesterday. On the same forum there is also a suggestion that her P&O livery will be coming off imminently.
  23. Well, they did - at 10am this morning. Leaving the fleet this month. Very sad for all those pax booked on her but relieved that my source was accurate.
  24. Indeed, as you say, we won't know until it happens. The only thing I would say about 'the six' is that if I recall correctly, when Carnival Corp announced that they had agreements in place for the disposal of 6 ships, they also said they were actively pursuing agreements for a number of others.
  25. As they are on Aurora and were on Oriana. I have no doubt they are the same on all the fleet.
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