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  1. And Cunard with QM2 TA Crossings. They used to be Southampton-New York-Southampton. Now the have added in Hamburg, which also gives them short cruises Southampton-Hamburg-Southampton.
  2. Thanks. Ah, the way of operating that P&O seem to have largely adopted from next year for all their bigger ships. Only Aurora and Arcadia now seem to have a truly varied set of itineraries.
  3. A sensible decision. After their refund fiasco, which has brought tons of negative press on social media, they needed to do something. At least announcing this now has saved a lot of folk paying the final balance on their Christmas cruises.
  4. Unless they have agreements in principle with some cruise lines, that's quite a risky venture but I wish them well. Maybe P&O are thinking of adopting the Costa Cruises practice of having more than one starting point - day 1 Southampton, day 2 Hull, day 3 Scandinavia etc. Mind you, not sure how many pax boarding in Southampton would fancy 2 calls into Hull in one cruise...
  5. I guess time will tell but as you can see from the above posts, P&O are very much committed to Southampton...
  6. In total, Carnival Corp have announced that they are offloading 18 ships that are older and not cost-effective. Until today, that figure was 13, so they have upped it by 5. They have however recently sold two HAL ships to Fred Olsen, which were not in the original 13, so there are another 3 to be identified/named.
  7. I certainly agree with the comments by OWT and David above. As the mainstream cruise lines build ever larger ships, I think it would get more difficult for them to have regional departures, especially on a frequent basis. Liverpool could be reasonably well provided for, as long as the new cruise terminal eventually gets built. Places like Newcastle and Rosyth however would only seem suitable for those travelling by car. Additionally, Rosyth cannot take large ships as access is restricted by the Forth Bridges. Greenock can take fairly large ships but again, there is very little infrastructure
  8. The whole situation is a nightmare and there is no easy solution. Do we know how long the virus might be in the body before showing up on testing? Could it be in the nose but not in the throat initially? Sadly, at this time I can't see how cruises can realistically operate without a vaccine being available. I do however sincerely hope the pathfinder cruises that are starting up now will prove me wrong...
  9. The fact that only one brand is affected probably suggests that it is not P&O or Cunard as most of their IT and other admin services are shared with each other as Carnival UK.
  10. Well, it is good to know that booked guests will automatically be transferred to the new ship on the same itinerary. I must be worrying unnecessarily that Bolette (Amsterdam) is too big to do the double transit of the Kiel Canal I am due to do in June next year. Or maybe they are removing a deck...or raising the bridges that cross the canal...🤔🤔🤔
  11. On another forum I am part of, there is a contributor who seems to work for or with Carnival. His track record of getting things right is exceptional. He has posted that P&O are not the brand affected (it is a P&O board).
  12. The whole concept of humanitarian aid is to aid our fellow humans - not their governments. Sadly, there are many governments that do not look after their population in an appropriate way but that doesn't mean the rest of the World should ignore the plight of fellow humans in desperate or extreme circumstances.
  13. I just hope they will come up with some reasonable prices. I've looked at solo prices on three of Fred's 2022 cruises and the cheapest is coming up at over £250 per night 😱
  14. It's not so much the wash as the amount of water displaced. Obviously a large ship displaces a lot of water.
  15. That's not good news. Just for the record though, Arcadia has almost 300 more balcony cabins than Aurora (that's in all cabin/suite grades).
  16. I think it is sensible at the best of times but even moreso in the current situation. On a selfish level, it wouldn't bother me as I don't generally sail on a ship carrying much over 2000 pax. I love Venice but it is its own worst enemy. This situation has been going on for years. If they had acted in the first couple of years from it starting, by now they could have built a nice new cruise terminal outside the lagoon with easy access into the city.
  17. No, no David. Think positive or we will all be living with depression!
  18. Balconies are of course at a premium on Aurora. I usually sail P&O solo and on the smaller ships, so never even look at the balcony cabin prices.
  19. They certainly seem to be making the most of the - apparent - increased demand for next year...
  20. I am in a similar situation David. I have a small FCC from my October cruise aboard Aurora and now, since Tuesday, a much larger deposit from my 39 night Arcadia World Cruise sector. My options with P&O are narrowing as I am not interested in the larger ships. I thought of putting the smaller deposit toward a one week cruise on Britannia - just to see her more than anything - but the only one next year is in April and who knows, the way things are at the moment, that could easily get cancelled or changed. The larger FCC would normally pay for half a 14 - 19 night cruise aboard Aurora
  21. Yes, that is indeed a great idea. Some ships were going to be used as accommodation for the Olympics, so who knows, maybe we will be surprised!
  22. Words mean so little at such times but I am so sorry to hear this. Of course you can't look ahead at the moment but you will come through this dreadful time. My partner of 26 years died from cancer in 2012 and whilst I still miss him terribly and think of him every day, I'm still here and living life to the full - as he wanted me to. Lean on your family and friends, as you need looking after too. Take very good care.
  23. Sadly, their gamble has not paid off and has potentially very serious repercussions for both crew and passengers. Don't think we will be seeing their proposed round-Britain cruises next month now. This may well confirm the cancellation of all cruises for the rest of this year...
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