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  1. It is however worth remembering that whilst P&O is run autonomously on a day-to-day basis, the overall 'direction of travel' is set by Carnival. The big strategic decisions are not within the gift of P&O any more. Carnival seem to decide what ships are allocated to P&O and undoubtedly set them stiff targets to meet in terms of profit etc. One of the few lines that seem to have stood up to Carnival is Holland America, who have long stood up against ever bigger ships. Aida (German Line) also seem to have been able to stick to smaller ships but the German cruise market has taken a
  2. Firstly, going back to the original topic, I can understand why P&O have chosen to do this. People have been asking for something new for several years and this is a decent option for them. It is a reliable winter sun destination which is not too long a flight time. The itineraries have been tried and trusted by a number of other cruise lines and so there is a good infrastructure in place. Personally I find it quite tempting but then have to balance that with my own moral code. Sadly for me, I don't think I can support countries with such poor human rights records and total disregard
  3. To be honest, I am not really bothered about what goes on the new ship as it will not really appeal to me - I prefer the smaller ships. To me, cruising is about being at sea rather than needing dozens of events and attractions to keep me occupied - I am happy to just chill out and read on a decent promenade deck. A lot of folks have mentioned entertainment with some saying that P&O need to up their game to keep up with the likes of NCL and RCCL. I fully accept these views but think there is a major problem here. P&O have seven ships. NCL have sixteen and RCCL twenty five. P&a
  4. Hi all, Not new to cruising or to Bolsover Travel but new to this forum. I count myself very fortunate to have been cruising since 1995, when we did an eastbound transatlantic crossing on QE2. Two years later we did our first cruise aboard the lovely Victoria in the P&O fleet and over the years I have notched up 20 sea cruises and one river cruise. Prefer smaller ships, Oriana probably being my favourite. I am what might be thought of by some as an old-fashioned cruiser. I would prefer cruising to be like it was in 1997 - but then probably could not afford to cruise so often
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