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  1. Sammy Sun Yes, your points could be well founded. Purely from my perspective it is a shame as the Royal Caribbean style is not my style. Nothing wrong with it - just not me. My personal ideal solution would be to split P&O into two sub-brands - Contemporary and Classic. Adonia, Oriana, Aurora and possibly Arcadia into Classic and the rest in Contemporary. I appreciate that would probably not be good commercially but it would make me a happy bunny .
  2. I had not heard of them before your post. I have had a look in respect of my Baltic cruise in May and they only offer excursions in one of the nine ports, which is Copenhagen. Their offerings there are quite different, a little offbeat in some cases.
  3. Will do. Santiago de Compostela is a really fabulous little place - I am sure you will enjoy your trip there.
  4. That's what it is all about - learning from others and sharing your thoughts/experiences.
  5. Welcome Ironman. I am also new to this forum but very much enjoying it.
  6. I can totally see your point Sammy - well reasoned. I suppose I would just wonder why Carnival wanted to treat P&O differently to HAL when in many ways they are very similar in outlook. Both like to keep in touch with their long sea-going heritage and both, at the time of take-over were small lines operating small traditional ships. Maybe the only difference is that the UK had Cunard at the time which of course used to be a very British brand.
  7. Thanks for the welcome Sammy Sun. I am enjoying the forum already :-).
  8. Ah - we are on the June cruise with an almost identical itinerary, so our paths will not cross after all. I have also been on Arcadia twice and enjoyed her both times. Oriana feels a lot smaller but isn't really that much smaller really. She is more traditional in decor than Arcadia although I understand the recent refit has given some of her public rooms a slightly more contemporary feel. I hope you enjoy her.
  9. Thanks for the interesting review. The positives do seem to outweigh the negatives so it would be a shame to write the company off. Did you take your concerns to any senior management whilst on board - or since you returned home? Sadly most cruise lines do not guarantee direct flights to departure/disembarkation ports. It is sometimes better to arrange your own flights if given the option.
  10. Look forward to it. I am travelling with a friend who has always wanted to sail on Oriana but never managed it until now.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. No apology needed. Good to know that everyone gets on well here!
  12. Thanks for the welcome Nimrod. Victoria does indeed hold a special place in my cruising heart. We had two lovely cruises aboard her. I also sailed on Saga Ruby just before she was retired and she was a lovely ship too - the last Ocean Liner ever built in the UK. I also sailed on MV Funchal, a lovely old ship over 50 years old (but fully rebuilt). Sadly she is now laid up.
  13. I am a little fussy about which ships I go on bit only because I am not a lover of large ships. Oriana is really just about the right size for me. Hopefully our paths will cross on board.
  14. Looks like we are on the same cruise then. Maybe our paths will cross Cruise Addict...
  15. It is a fabulous area to cruise to B&M. I have been there once before, as my partner's choice, and was not really that keen. In the event I had a fabulous time and am really looking forward to visiting the area again.
  16. Hi from one Newbie to another! I too am off to France, Spain and Guernsey aboard Oriana this year. She is one of my favourite ships.
  17. Or in another word, No..... . As has been said, it depends what you want out of cruising. From my perspective, I think food and service were considerably better back in 2003 and the ships being built then are more to my taste (i.e. Oriana & Aurora as opposed to Azura/Britannia). Others who prefer multiple dining choices and find it hard to do without a balcony will understandably disagree with my view. Horses for courses...
  18. I too am off to the Baltics next month for 16 nights. I will certainly be layering as I believe the weather in that area can be inconsistent at this time of year. Enjoy!
  19. This is such a personal opinion based on what you like. Personally, having had one cruise on Azura (Caribbean) I have no desire to go back on her again. I have also sailed on ships that other folks have said were in dire need of a refit and really not understood why they felt that. Oceana is far from my favourite ship in the fleet but I would certainly choose her above Azura any day. Horse for courses...
  20. It is however worth remembering that whilst P&O is run autonomously on a day-to-day basis, the overall 'direction of travel' is set by Carnival. The big strategic decisions are not within the gift of P&O any more. Carnival seem to decide what ships are allocated to P&O and undoubtedly set them stiff targets to meet in terms of profit etc. One of the few lines that seem to have stood up to Carnival is Holland America, who have long stood up against ever bigger ships. Aida (German Line) also seem to have been able to stick to smaller ships but the German cruise market has taken a
  21. Firstly, going back to the original topic, I can understand why P&O have chosen to do this. People have been asking for something new for several years and this is a decent option for them. It is a reliable winter sun destination which is not too long a flight time. The itineraries have been tried and trusted by a number of other cruise lines and so there is a good infrastructure in place. Personally I find it quite tempting but then have to balance that with my own moral code. Sadly for me, I don't think I can support countries with such poor human rights records and total disregard
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