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  1. It's an interesting move by them and they are in a fairly unique position in providing travel solely for the over 50's. I suspect that they will however have to delay resumption later than May. I am 60 and will be surprised if I get my second dose of the vaccine before late June. If nothing else however, it has given Saga a lot of free publicity 😀. More generally, I think the govt. will have to bring in some sort of certification. The EU are looking at introducing a "vaccination passport" and I suspect many other countries will end up requiring proof.
  2. Not a huge surprise given that RCI had bought Silversea. Azamara would have a bit of an overlap with both the Celebrity and Silversea brands in terms of passenger demographic. Private equity companies own all sorts of companies and generally leave them to their own devices as long as they are turning a profit. Some of the management team are still in place I understand so hopefully the product won't change too much. It will be interesting to see what happens with their pricing once they no longer have the buying power of RCI behind them but at least they already have contacts in the right plac
  3. I hope you are right but will it depend upon how soon vaccination programmes start in other countries? Someone on another forum has suggested that France will not start a significant roll-out until April...?
  4. Sorry to hear that David, but inevitable really. Is the 2022 itinerary identical?
  5. I would prefer not to cruise whilst restrictions are in place and certainly wouldn't want to do so as a solo traveller. My cruise booked for next June is with a friend and is very port-intensive within Northern Europe. Fortunately, Fred Olsen are being very flexible in the current circumstances. I have pre-registered with P&O (via Bolsover) for a Med cruise on Aurora in 2022. I've decided I have to be positive about 2022 and believe that either Covid will be under control by then or we will have developed reasonable ways to live with it.
  6. Hope it goes ahead for you David. The next one I have booked is a Fred Olsen to Northern Europe in June next year.
  7. Well, it looks like P&O will have their new ship available whenever cruising is resumed. According to a normally very accurate source, the 5200+ pax Iona was formally handed over to P&O this morning. She is apparently not expected to come to her home port of Southampton until next year...
  8. I'd keep your expectations low on the roll call to avoid disappointment 🙂. I will keep my fingers crossed for you but must say I am pleased in some ways that my next cruise is now due in late June next year (after having three cancelled). I really do hope cruises will be operating by next April, although I have a feeling at the moment that they might not be the ones presently scheduled...
  9. It certainly does sound well-organised. Were you wearing masks when outside on excursions or just social-distancing? I am NOT asking the price but I would guess it was considerably more than an average mainstream cruise line. Whilst I can see this sort of system working on large ships, it still wouldn't be attractive to me when sailing solo.
  10. It does seem strange that three out of four of the sun-class ships have been off-loaded when there are older ships in other fleets. Maybe they have been particularly costly to run or maintain? The only one left is sailing as Pacific Explorer for P&O Australia and it looks like she has been refurbished to provide quite a few extra on-board revenue streams...
  11. But of course, ship-only excursions would only be one of a number of restrictions. It would undoubtedly be accompanied by social distancing on board, mask-wearing whilst moving around the ship and in many public areas etc. I will be choosing not to cruise until most restrictions have been lifted. I would rather go to a land hotel where you can escape properly during the day and only have restrictions at breakfast and in the evening.
  12. Yes, I think many will agree with you. We will just have to hope that the Covid crisis eases to almost nothing by the middle of next year and that life can get back to a pretty good version of normal... 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  13. Typical P&O shoreside - left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing...
  14. Would probably depend upon the date of the cruise and whether booked direct or through a TA. I know P&O were being flexible to pax who asked to delay balance payment recently but of course they denied it in public - as were one or two of the better TA's.
  15. And Cunard with QM2 TA Crossings. They used to be Southampton-New York-Southampton. Now the have added in Hamburg, which also gives them short cruises Southampton-Hamburg-Southampton.
  16. Thanks. Ah, the way of operating that P&O seem to have largely adopted from next year for all their bigger ships. Only Aurora and Arcadia now seem to have a truly varied set of itineraries.
  17. A sensible decision. After their refund fiasco, which has brought tons of negative press on social media, they needed to do something. At least announcing this now has saved a lot of folk paying the final balance on their Christmas cruises.
  18. Unless they have agreements in principle with some cruise lines, that's quite a risky venture but I wish them well. Maybe P&O are thinking of adopting the Costa Cruises practice of having more than one starting point - day 1 Southampton, day 2 Hull, day 3 Scandinavia etc. Mind you, not sure how many pax boarding in Southampton would fancy 2 calls into Hull in one cruise...
  19. I guess time will tell but as you can see from the above posts, P&O are very much committed to Southampton...
  20. In total, Carnival Corp have announced that they are offloading 18 ships that are older and not cost-effective. Until today, that figure was 13, so they have upped it by 5. They have however recently sold two HAL ships to Fred Olsen, which were not in the original 13, so there are another 3 to be identified/named.
  21. I certainly agree with the comments by OWT and David above. As the mainstream cruise lines build ever larger ships, I think it would get more difficult for them to have regional departures, especially on a frequent basis. Liverpool could be reasonably well provided for, as long as the new cruise terminal eventually gets built. Places like Newcastle and Rosyth however would only seem suitable for those travelling by car. Additionally, Rosyth cannot take large ships as access is restricted by the Forth Bridges. Greenock can take fairly large ships but again, there is very little infrastructure
  22. The whole situation is a nightmare and there is no easy solution. Do we know how long the virus might be in the body before showing up on testing? Could it be in the nose but not in the throat initially? Sadly, at this time I can't see how cruises can realistically operate without a vaccine being available. I do however sincerely hope the pathfinder cruises that are starting up now will prove me wrong...
  23. The fact that only one brand is affected probably suggests that it is not P&O or Cunard as most of their IT and other admin services are shared with each other as Carnival UK.
  24. Well, it is good to know that booked guests will automatically be transferred to the new ship on the same itinerary. I must be worrying unnecessarily that Bolette (Amsterdam) is too big to do the double transit of the Kiel Canal I am due to do in June next year. Or maybe they are removing a deck...or raising the bridges that cross the canal...🤔🤔🤔
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