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  1. As things are looking at the moment, I would hazard a guess that Rotterdam is quite possibly going to be off-limits too. I would think it possible that there will be further changes to your itinerary but with Iona being a large ship, their options for replacements are limited. If so, P&O may well be forced to offer refunds.
  2. Hi Jenjen, Good for you. Hopefully the cruise will be a success and you may feel like trying a solo run from Southampton. I've done quite a few cruises solo since my partner died in 2012. I must admit that the first sailaway from Southampton after Tony died was tough but some lovely nearby friends came down to Mayflower Park to wave me off. I think some of the things we have been used to will have disappeared for ever but I am hopeful that the Captain's Cocktail night will reappear on most of P&O's ships. The two new ones carry 5200+ pax, so I doubt there ever was going to be the
  3. Good to hear you enjoyed the cruise. I was due to sail on her earlier this year which was of course cancelled. I have no doubt the ship is lovely but unless future prices come down from what they have advertised recently, I doubt I will be booking. I've looked at a number of itineraries to sail solo and prices have been between £250 and £300 per night for an inside cabin! I don't do spicy foods so the choice of alternative restaurants is disappointing for me. I'm sure I would find something to eat in Colours & tastes but my choice would be limited. It would have been nice to have one
  4. I watched a live-stream of Iona's Maiden Cruise departure last night. Again, extremely low key. Just a lone Piper to see her off, no fireworks or streamers. According to some social media posts, nothing much happened on-board either. Apparently there will be more celebration when she moors off the island of Iona but a bit sad to see a ship leave port on her maiden without any sort of ceremony...
  5. A friend has been on Virtuosa and said he had a good time, especially with the reduced capacity. Virtuosa and then Fred - very contrasting cruises to compare. Look forward to hearing about your experiences.
  6. Glad you enjoyed your cruise and especially good to hear you felt safe on board. Interesting comment about the restaurant managers. Were the majority of the restaurant and bar waiters still from India?
  7. Aurora still on sale for cruises up to Jan 2023. The two 50 night ones I am referring to are indeed early next year.
  8. I usually request a table of solos. Always been fine so far.
  9. The only line I have heard that is definitely doing this is Fred Olsen. Don't know whether any other lines are so far... With P&O, I believe you have to book your restaurant (including the mdr) using their new on-board 'app'. I don't think there's any fixed dining.
  10. From what I've seen elsewhere, it appears Aurora will be doing two 50 night cruises. I was hoping that she would do some shorter ones for those of us who do wish to sail on the larger ships...
  11. Sailing on Saga will spoil you for P&O! 😀. Would love another cruise with Saga but now they have gone 'boutique' and all-balcony cabins, the prices are outwith my budget...
  12. Good to see P&O (amongst others) setting sail again with Britannia leaving Southampton today with 927 pax aboard. I am very ambivalent about cruising with Covid restrictions in place and am not keen on the larger ships which are being used. That said however, I really hope all goes well, that the pax on board have a great time - and that the weather improves for them!
  13. I can understand that sinbad. Thanks. I do however think they could have had a contingency with some compact pyrotechnics on the quayside to set off at the bottle-smash.
  14. I must say that I was very underwhelmed. Half the ceremony was advertising for their various partnerships. I thought the ship was poorly lit and was very surprised that there weren't any fireworks. On the plus side, the tech worked very well!
  15. Hope it goes well today!
  16. As ever with P&O Marketing and IT, it is anyone's guess as to the rationale behind who has been sent the email. I got one, which goes to prove there's no monitoring of their social media as I have made it clear that Iona doesn't interest me. I have however accepted the invitation - but did wait until the shut-off date so as to hopefully not deprive anyone who is keen to go on her. I am interested in the naming ceremony but don't expect to ever sail on her.
  17. Oh no - how rotten. Hope the pain is easing now and that you are feeling on the mend.
  18. The joke was definitely meant more at P&O's expense, not yours. Lots of folk think that the name of the new ship is too close to both Aviva and Arriva. On another forum I use she has been nicknamed 'Our Vera'...
  19. afcandrew


    Aurora became my favourite when they sold Oriana. I haven't sailed on Arcadia for years but only because Aurora's itineraries have held more appeal for me. Tried Azura twice and hated her on both occasions, so won't sail her again or try Ventura. Would like to see Britannia on a short cruise but not remotely interested in the two new ones.
  20. afcandrew


    Hopefully your luck will change now! As I am only interested in P&O's two smallest ships and not interested in the Caribbean, I knew there would not be much that would appeal to me in the winter release. I was interested in the World Cruise itinerary as I had a 39 night sector of this year's Worldie cancelled. Sadly, the nearest sector to that in 2023 is, at 71 nights, too long for me.
  21. Agree with you OWT. On another board I am on there is currently much discussion about Travel Insurance - particularly as Carnival UK brands are specifying a high level of Medical Cover. It seems that Insurance policies normally only cover a lower level of cover when travelling within the UK. A further issue is around prices for drinks and in the on-board shops, which may be subject to VAT when not leaving the UK?
  22. Yes, that's who I meant really sinbad. Can't be doing with these daft titles. A President runs a country in my book not heads up a division of a company...
  23. Having released a series of three and four night UK cruises aboard Britannia on Monday of this week, they today cancelled six of them and replaced them with three seven night cruises. The reason given is that demand for 7 nights is much higher than demand for 3 or 4! To be fair, they have offered to upgrade booked pax from the short breaks to the 7 night cruise instead but there must be a number of people who cannot do a week or don't want a week at sea with one port of call and cruiseline excursions only. I somehow suspect that once the pandemic has, by and large, passed that we may see
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