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  1. We went in May a few years back ...it was still winter in Copenhagen so take gloves and a hat just in cases...out there it goes from winter to summertime overnight.
  2. We won a chance to visit the ship while in Southampton last week .....it looks amazing....I've been on Adonia which is a similar layout...so it was amazing to see Azamara Quest...I can't comment on the change aspect with the old design as I never saw it back then. Now it's like John Lewis...if you see what I mean... Tapas bar in The Lounge opens at five and we were given a treat to join in and have some with wine. Would love to book a cruise...wee couldn't see cabins as people were boarding so we could peek in through a door but no pictures allowed. Hope this works.
  3. Cruise Novice you will find the P&O dress code is observed in several bars too . Just carry an evening bag and evening wrap or sparkly jewellery...maybe ? An out fit you may have for a wedding would work too. I take a little black dress..can't go wrong.
  4. Find the right ship for a relaxed dressing code...Regent and some others are all smart casual or Princess is more relaxed dress code...most have flown in to join the ship...some from Australia ..New Zealand and USA... Formal dress for the main dinning room.. And a few just don't fly with evening clothes..or just simple items...seems less long dresses .
  5. Smart casual ...somehow this goes wrong...no jeans but plenty of crumpled cargo trousers seen. Hey ho that's life ...
  6. Princess are very Italian with their menus....their chefs are Italian so it'd American / Italian...in style. They hold a cookery demo with the Head Chef and Matrie D...the theatre was packed. I bought the cookery book last year.... Their are smalle menus on the Princess web site...
  7. If you are a Face Book member there is a Princess Cruise Lovers group ...on there many world wide Princess fans can help you make a choice.
  8. As we sailed in to Katatolan( Greece) I heard the couple on the next balcony moaned to each other "oh why so P&O keep taking us to places where they don't speak English ? "
  9. As Elite level on a Princess you get a FREE mini bar..you can swap for soft drinks or two coffee cards...
  10. We tried Princess last year after reading lots of positive feedback.....we found Princess just how P&O used to be....embarkation was swift and far better organised than P&O ....straight to cabin...luggage waiting....( we boarded at noon) Staff have a friendly approach and a "can do attitude...." Food was excellent...plated but we swiftly realised that what you order is what you get or not...so say what you want ...large portion extra helping ....or no blah blah....they are trained to listen and get what you ask for. Entertainment was far more varied than P&O ...and plentiful.
  11. I think there is an error...the deck plan for Empress appears to be a different ship...I've mentioned this on the Princess FB page....but ite just been sent out by Princess Uk and incorrect ! So if you are looking do check with the web site , what the deck layouts are... Emerald is like Crown...so I've been told.
  12. We booked princess this year and noticed the price dropped and OBC was being given...one email and a few mins later I got a call to say Princess would refund the difference and honour the OBC .....well done Bolsover and Princess....
  13. When we first cruised 1995 Oriana ...Canberra regulars seemed to hate it...." It's tooooo big " It was more friendly on Canberra... Now...Oriana is too small for most people ...
  14. What is your experience and tips about flying out to join a Princess Cruise...we love the brand and cruise for the destinations and want to try further afield...we have flown to P&O ships...schedule and charter. So any feedback or tips ? How do they work...any tips ?
  15. This won't be available for long so do register on the Princess site look for Captains Circle.
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