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  1. I am spoiling my vote, can't vote for ANY of them!
  2. Not a bad place.....Our family moved to Ireland just before the war (second world war) from Europe. There are some beautiful places around the North which, now "The Troubles" are over, are being rediscovered. County Donegal remains in my heart to this day (family holidays there as a child) and Antrim is lovely too. Went back a few years ago and was nicely surprised how Belfast has changed...for the good. There is a quaint Jewish population in Ireland (which we were part of) which many people don't know about. As a child I was once asked...."So are you a Catholic Jew or a Protestant Jew?"...on
  3. Strangford Lough i dTuaisceart √Čireann.
  4. I grew up in Northern Ireland. I would give both of those a miss and head to Strangford Lough and see Northern Ireland at its best. If the boat doesn't do a trip there, hire a car and go. The Causeway is full of tourists and not what the publicity photos really show (armies of tourists). The museum is ok, but if you want to reflect on REAL Northern Ireland then the boat won't show you that...sadly. Cathedral Quarter is nicely presented (Belfast) and on a sunny day (rare) you could be anywhere but Belfast! In short, skip the tours.....full of tourists, visit Strangford and meet the real people!
  5. Currently watching "Secret Army" (box set). Watched this back in the day as a child. Brilliantly written.
  6. I am happy to be doing my third, I adore travel and still hark back to my EURO INTER RAIL days. Whilst cruising is a slow and somewhat easy way of spending a holiday....I do miss the independence and freedom of my own itinerary! Next year we fly off to the west coast of America to stay with family. We are then flying internally to Iowa to meet friends. Back to the west and a train to Canada for a few days. Back down the coast and onto California before coming home. This will all change or be added to as our plans take shape. A three week stay will cover it! No doubt we will do our fo
  7. Alas, a spell in the conference (AKA national league) will do Pools good. There is something quite Biblical in reaching rock bottom and finding ones way back. Personally I find the non league scene is full of real passion, a stark contrast to the vulgarity of the premier league....IMO of course. Many thanks Quarters
  8. Bless you Afcandrew, a spell in non league is what they deserve frankly . However, agreed, I hope too that they bounce back. Our cruises are getting that little bit closer.
  9. Speaking of pools.....my beloved HartlePOOL are about to be relegated from the football league. (Sighs) had to get that off my chest!
  10. "The First Picture Of You" The Locust Eaters 1983, reminds me of leaving college and the UK to begin my first job.
  11. Many thanks Pesky, I expect they'll sell St James umbrella's!!!!!!
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