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  1. PandO stated that alcaholic drink from ashore would not be allowed except at port of embarkation. Any brought on board would be held over till you disembarked. Has this now started?
  2. Pay for the cabin you want. Don't demand an upgrade when on board. And as for verbal abuse..... escort them off.
  3. Does it really matter? You're on holiday to relax, not to get stressed.
  4. As Oriana is due extensive (possibly expensive) mechanical refurbishment and repairs, is Aurora her replacement? Is Oriana going the way of Adonia?
  5. which has been known for years apparently. Simply get jab from GP
  6. St Maarten, Dominica, Tortola will be "out of use" for several months if not longer. Due to go to St Maarten but this has been changed to Martinique.
  7. Not really surprised by this. Azura for adult only?
  8. Are we ready for the return to non-eu custom allowances post Brexit? No more buying large amounts of booze and fags etc.
  9. Looks like the Captain/Officer who gave permission to hubby to go and look might be at fault here. They left the kid parent less till they caught the ship up again. (Opinion only)
  10. Yes. Just pay what you feel is right. Say you don't want auto tips and they will remove from account.
  11. Was P&O better before Carnival took over? Commentd please.
  12. 16 whirlpools - all for children?🚸🚸🚸🚸🚸
  13. A proper prom deck, fwd, mid ship,stern staircases from the lowest deck to the highest deck. More lifts than Britannia. Proper routes from venues, not having to go thru others. Silver service and most importantly, sufficient staff say ratio 3:1 min. 3 staff to 1passenger. Oops wrong way round.😁
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