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  1. I had a full body message on Brittania in June and even though it was fantastic I was sick of her plugging the goods afterwards and the fact another 10% was added to the over inflated £75 I had already paid
  2. Hi Chris, Myself and my husband ( 33 and 36) went on our first cruise on Brittania in June and absolutely loved it! It was actually a school holiday which we had overlooked but we had nothing to worry about as all the children were well behaved and hardly saw any other than around lido deck. Brittania had a great age range and we enjoyed dinner every night with people much older than us but with great stories. Don't worry about any horror stories you hear as I was panicking before we went due to people's reviews and we are itching to go again and believe me if it was bad I would be hones
  3. Hi all, were off on Brittania from Southampton on Sunday on our first cruise. I ve just had a thought about luggage - is there a luggage allowance? Thanks
  4. Thanks Sammy, I am very excited although slightly concerned with the negative reviews of Brittania
  5. Thank you everyone will definitely get some tablets
  6. Good afternoon all, Me and the hubby have our first cruise coming up at the end of May on Brittania. I am very worried about sea sickness- is it true that you can have a jab on board if you get really bad?
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