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  1. I am due to go on a royal carribean cruise and I would like to take my travel iron, I have heard that I am not aloud due to fire safety. Is this true?
  2. 2 weeks before i start planning my outfits, start of the holiday excitment!!
  3. River cruise as you get into the smaller ports for a more richer and unique culture experience!! This is somthing that I would love to do.
  4. Each cruise has different amounts of OBC even if it’s a similar sailing, nights etc. How does the cruise operator work out how much OBC you will receive for each cruise? It doesn’t make sense to me.
  5. I have looked into MSC new ships and they look out of this world. It is this that has caught my attention to msc. Looks so much fun and the entertainment on board is something different such as the Cirque du Soleil!
  6. There is so much choice of places to eat on board Royal Caribbean ships from Jamies Italian, Chops Grill and Wonderland. Im looking for recomendations for the best place to eat to help us celebrate a birthday?
  7. I am soon to go on the independence with my family including children, I have found that only selected ships have the dreamwork characters on. Does anyone know if the indpendence is one of them?
  8. I can confirm that is correct. You no longer need to complete api for short haul flights with thomas cook.
  9. If I did not pre pay my tips would i still have to pay them on board?
  10. Mostly cruise, what is a better way to visit so many places in a short amount of time!
  11. I'm going on my first Royal Caribbean cruise and I am unsure if its worth to upgrade to all inclsuive? I usally do all inclsuive holidays on land.
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