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  1. Hello Mayway, Thanks for the above information. May I ask you a further question? Is a porter/stevedore allocated to each wheelchair user on disembarcation to push the wheelchair whilst the carer collects the luggage on a trolley? Thank you.
  2. My wife is disabled and is confined to a wheelchair. We have cruised with P & O on many occasions and the parking arrangements at Southampton are good - I can push the luggage to the car park (about 50 yards) whilst a stevedore pushes my wife's wheelchair and helps me to load the car. I would like to consider taking a cruise from either Bristol Avonmouth or Liverpool and wondered if any forum member could advise on parking arrangements at these locations for blue badge holders. Thank you.
  3. Well that's very fortunate for you Ian that you've always had excellent service, therefore your gratuities were justified, that's not the case for everyone so equally so their removal may also be justified. At the end of the day I couldn't care a less if people pay them or not, I also don't care what they've paid for the cruise, the fact remains that P&O gratuities are discretionary and while they are, people can chose whether they pay or not, I certainly won't be trawling the reception desk showing my disgust at those queuing up. HLM First of all I wasn't trawling the reception des
  4. First of all let me state that we have done 12 cruises exclusively with P & O and have NEVER experienced bad or even poor service from any of the cabin stewards or waiting staff. I do wish that regular cruisers would accept that tipping is part of the cruising experience with the majority of cruise lines and I was amazed to see the extensive queue at Reception on the Ventura two weeks ago of people requesting forms to have their gratuities removed from their on-board account. Coupled with that we were seated on a table for six where both the other couples had their gratuities removed. N
  5. About 3 years ago when Carol Marlow was Managing Director of P & O, she let it be known to the Press that the rate of pay for cabin stewards/waiters was 75p per hour. Bearing in mind that these people who in my opinion are never less than helpful and polite sign up for either a 6 month or 9 month contract with NO days off (just an occasional few hours when convenient to management on port days) I have no objecion to paying £5.00 per day to help reward them for the generally excellent service they provide. What really annoys me are those guests who book a last minute deal at a favourable
  6. Like many others I pay the auto-gratuities on P & O and also make direct payments to the waiters and cabin steward where appropriate. I would like to think that the additional payments are kept by those for whom they were intended. Does anyone know for a fact that all gratuities have to be pooled? I was also told last week that a waiter had stated to our table companions that waiters are paid £1000 per month and wine waiters receive only £250! Has anyone else heard this? And do those workers who are not front-line staff receive additional payment in lieu of gratuities?
  7. My wife is disabled and we have travelled several times with P & O and can recommend that line. Fully accessible cabins are limited so you need to be aware of this.
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