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  1. Yes, definitely. We came back as fans of the slightly larger ship (than Arcadia) and found Celebrity to be a bit more modern and just a little more fun than P and O. We also had a younger demographic and a greater mix of nationalities which we really liked although that may be to do with the itinerary. Only slight negatives were the lack of a decent sized dance floor, ( which was a real shame as they had a fantastic orchestra/band) and the high cost of eating in the select restaurants which put us off. We would definitely sail with Celebrity again (with the free drinks package! !)
  2. About 18 months ago I posted for the first time on the forum to ask advice about cruising to the Baltics, My husband and I had only been on one cruise before (P&O to the med) and I was finding all the various options quite overwhelming... The response I received was incredible with so many people taking the time to offer help and suggestions on cruise lines, itinerary, local tour companies etc etc. It made the planning so much easier and I was so grateful for the help. So I thought it only fair to report back on our return.... I included as many of your suggestions as was phys
  3. Wow, thank you so much everyone for taking the time to reply. All of your amazing advice is really helpful and I'm getting quite excited about going now! The planning is going to be much, much easier now I have a good idea of the ship size, cruise lines to look at and ports of call to include. Also having information about SPB tours (which I'd never heard of) and knowing which ports we can explore on foot independently is invaluable. You are all so kind, thank you again and I'll let you know how I get on. :o)
  4. Thank you iknowlescourier, that's really helpful. I didn't realise only smaller ships could get into Stockholm and the idea of the evening in St Petersberg is great.
  5. Thank you The Seven Seas and Sammy Sun, that will definitely get me started :o)
  6. Hi Sammy sun. Thank you so much for your advice, that's really helpful. Being new to cruising I just find all the options quite overwhelming! Are there any particular Baltic ports you enjoyed?
  7. Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and very new to cruising, having taken our first cruise last year. That was on P&O Arcadia from Southampton around the Med for 2 weeks. We had a great time and would like to try another cruise, this time to the Baltic. We would love to see St Petersburg and we've been told Talinn is lovely but other than that we don't really have a clue either from the point of view of ports or indeed cruise line. Any advice or recommendations would be very much appreciated. To let you know a bit about us, we usually book 4* hotels, enjoy good food and visiting interesting
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