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  1. My best dish was aboard Azamara Quest in the speciality restaurant Prime C,I had surf and turf and it was amazing!!
  2. I have cruised to the caribbean a few times and i must say that P&O have the easiest most stress free check in I have ever encountered. It is so so much easier to fly in to Barbados than the US cutting out all the extra security procedures they have in place. It a defo thumbs up from me
  3. I agree, the tables of two usually are very close togather, I have decided in future to stick with the tables of 6/8.
  4. I must also say, we had some of the best food at sea and captain Carl always keep you well informed and he is a very professional approachable captain. Would sail with Azamara again recommend them with confidence.
  5. I have myself used holiday extras in the past and find they are very competitive.
  6. Best speciality restaurant meal ive had by far was recently on Azamara in Prime C, by far the best steak and service ive ever had the pleasure to experience.
  7. alice1903


    Sounds great never heard of them before reading this, they sound amazing big contender for my next cruise definitely.
  8. Hi me and my husband has just come off of Azamara and Im in my 30's, we both really enjoyed it and there was a real mix of ages from 30 upwards. Dont worry you will have a fantastic time and like me will want to go on them again and again.
  9. Hi yes i watch it, its seems to be getting more scary as it goes on!! really enjoy it though.
  10. Just back from one week cruise on Quest and tried out the complimentary azamazing evening. The evening was a 17th century castle in Sicily, it was a fantastic night with traditional Sicilian music and folk dancers and really gave all the passengers a change to mix and make new friends. would recommend it, has anyone else tried out the evenings and what did you think?
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