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  1. Thanks for your replies the post in the daily newspaper sounds like a great idea I didn’t realise you could do that. It’s something we’ll consider.
  2. Hi my son has just turned 18 and we are travelling on Britannia on July 27th. He is worried that now he can’t go to kids club he will not meet anyone of his own age onboard. Is there any activities for that age group or is anyone else going on the same cruise with similar ages thanks
  3. We went on Britannia last year. We only went to the Beach House as we didn’t see the point in paying a supplement when the food in the other venues was brilliant . The food was lovely and service was great but tbh we preferred the supplement free Meridian which was excellent. Guess it depends on your budget .
  4. Thanks for the replies we are going on the 14 night cruise on 22nd July. So can I pre-book a formal night before we go or do I have to wait until we're onboard?
  5. Hi we are going on our first cruise aboard Brittania in July and wondered how we find out when the formal nights are onboard. We have checked the personal organiser page and it just tells you how many there are but not when is it too early?
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