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  1. Definitely a great offer I would say and I have done this myself in the past.
  2. Got to say i do like the names Royal Caribbean come up with for their ships
  3. We’re often quick to criticise cruise lines for the things they do wrong but what about the things they get right. I hear so many people say “the cruise lines don’t care what we have to say.” Well if that was the case then there would be barely any of the modern-day amenities that many of us now take for granted on board. Here’s a few examples: People complained for years about slow Wi-Fi speeds and now that the technology is available and not at ridiculous rates for the cruise lines, they’re now accommodating passengers wishes, just look at Royal Caribbean on this for example.
  4. Great to take one of these out if you know you are going to book again then its great to get extra on board spending money!
  5. We travelled a few years ago with Azamara and it is by far my favourite company to cruise with. We had an outside cabin with clearview on deck 4 and the size was absolutely fine for us and possibly a little larger than what we had with Princess cruises. I hope you get something booked soon
  6. The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a must see, it is just stunning. Also do one of the floating markets to get out amongst the locals and see how they live. Have a great trip.
  7. I dont think grats or speciality restaurants are included but the information is not that clear
  8. Where to start Alaska China Miami Brazil Could go on all day with this one
  9. wahoo love a good boy band and at least this pair can sing!
  10. Brilliant advert, some people will always find something to moan about unfortunately
  11. I was lucky enough to go on Oceania Marina recently and can honestly say i was absolutley wowed by this ship. It is a perfect size ship and i loved the decor onboard and the amazing artworks but i was impressed mostly by the restaurants and imparticular the grand dining room which when we walked in felt similar to the Ritz palm court restaurant and just as beautiful. The red ginger asian restaurant was also incredible with a beautiful waterfall feature at the entrance and again beautiful artworks. The food is out of this world and we were truly spoilt. I would recommend looking into Oceania o
  12. I wish i was going on this ship. It certainly looks like the most luxurious ship ever bulit. You will have to let us know how you get on Dora
  13. i just love cruisng so the size of the ship and the look of it do not have any influence on my decison which ship to book.
  14. The holiday inn's usually offer onsite parking and the prices are reasonable.
  15. We are due to visit Palma on our next cruise. Could anyone give any advice on what we should do whilst there? any nice restaurants etc
  16. I would love to try this ship. I have heard about the shows in the aquatheater and it sounds amazing.
  17. i want a hippopotamus for christmas, its brilliant
  18. thanks mimosa that's very helpful and worth remembering in future
  19. Thank you very much for that info, it will make packing much easier for us. Lovely photo's and I hope you enjoyed your weekend
  20. Can anyone give me any advice at all about my river cruise that I am due to go on shortly with AMA. My husband and I have cruised many times before but this will be our first river cruise and we are a little uncertain about the dress code as we cannot find any information in the brochure. Is the dress code quite relaxed in the evenings and what do ladies and gents tend to wear for dinner?
  21. My husband and I are due to go on our first river cruise in November on the Rhone and we are really looking forward to this. We have booked with APT but a special package that they offer called the royal collection which includes lots of added extras like home to airport transfers, freedom of choice excursions and signature experiences. If you are looking for something a little extra special and different I would look at this company.
  22. My husband and I have just recently returned from a fantastic week on the Oceana cruising from Genoa to Venice for 7 nights. It was one of the best cruises we have ever done as the ship, staff, food, itinerary and weather were all wonderful. We arrived at Manchester airport for our flight to Genoa and the check in was very quick and having never done a fly cruise to the Med with P&O we were very impressed with the bonded luggage arrangement and when we arrived at Genoa the ship looked lovely in port. When we stepped on board the welcome we received from the staff was lovely and they were
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