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  1. Thank you truckermart, Klyne, BobTroll, Dozydo, and Helen H for your posts – very much appreciated. truckermart; I see you have quoted my post; but I cannot see your comments – sorry. Helen H; our cruise is P&O cruise number E707A aboard the Oceana. It is not only our first time to Rome; but our first cruise! I’ll read and digest your posts; no doubt more questions will follow. Thanks.
  2. Thank you very much. I'll check that out now.
  3. Thank you all for your very helpful replies. I particulary appreciate the information regarding www.cruisingexcursions.com . I've just realised that our day in Rome is on a Sunday; so I'm not sure of S Peter's Basilica, Vatican Mueseum and The Colosseum are even open to tourists? Does anyone know? From what I've read; the great difficulty seems to be waiting to get in as the queues are so long. Is it possible to pre book admissions and bypass the queues from the UK before we depart? If not; would it be possible to do so onboard ship? Thanks again.
  4. Thanks thecartoonman - that's food for thought! Much appreciated.
  5. Thank you sammy sun. I appreciate your answer. I suppose I have to work out whether we should do the 'Rome on Your Own' excursion or one of the other ones. We don't mind trying to navigate our own way around, but as we have never been to Rome before, we don't want to waste time because we have got lost or miss the coach back to the ship! I just wish it was clearer which excursions included admissions into various tourist attractions. I'm sure you right about trying a third party excursion or using public transport; but I think that may have to wait for our second visit!
  6. Thanks paul1924; that's very helpful. When you say: I don't suppose you can remember the name of the excursion or whether it is one of the ones I listed? Thanks.
  7. Hi My wife and I will be undertaking our first cruise next month with P&O. We will be calling at Civitavecchia and intend to take an excursion to Rome. When in Rome there are three attractions that we would like to visit: The Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. When I say 'visit' these attractions; I mean that we would like to go inside and have a look around and not just see them from the outside. Reading through the list of excursions available from P&O; it is unclear to me which (if any) of their excursions would suit us best. I did call P&
  8. Thanks BethP; I appreciate your very helpful post.
  9. Thank you Davybe, Brianl and BobTroll - I appreciate your replies. BobTroll; thank you so much for such a very comprehensive and detailed reply. I've learned a great deal from your post; it's full of helpful information. I am very grateful for the time and effort you have taken to advise me.
  10. Thank you Brian; that's very helpful.
  11. Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply. We will be cruising with P&O; hopefully they use UK sockets.
  12. Thanks for the welcome and the helpful advice. I have now booked the cruise linked to in my first post. Some more ‘newbie’ questions come to mind: Are there electrical sockets in the cabins to allow you to charge phones, cameras etc.? If there are sockets; are they UK standard sockets or will I need travel adaptors? Towels. My wife is thinking of taking beach towels to put over loungers. However; I presume each cabin will have a supply of towels and there is no need to take your own. Are you able to wash and dry clothes in your cabin; or are there laundry facilities
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