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  1. Something that really annoys me is to hear a passenger ranting at reception staff on embarkation day for not giving him an upgrade because he "always gets one". Even after being told all cabins are fully booked, the cheapskate continues to blame everyone except himself for not getting a better cabin than he booked. Shouting at staff, for whatever reason, should never be tolerated and in my opinion such passengers should be thrown off the ship at the next port. Am I being unreasonable here?
  2. Nowhere does it mention whether every member of the party has to pay the £15 per night. My wife only drinks the occasional soft drink so £30 per night would be uneconomic for us. As to being able to drink "a pint of your favourite beer by the pool" , unless my particular tipple is one of the "selected" brands again it would not be a good package for me.
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