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  1. At the end of August we did a 'Round the UK' cruise with Fred Olsen. Without checking I assumed we didn't need passports as we were always in UK waters. WRONG! First question at embarkation check in was - Can I have your cruise ticket and passport please? PANIC! Luckily I had taken our driving licences which were an acceptable alternative - (Government issued but I don't think other ID is accepted?) However it took the lady on the desk twice as long to book us in as all the details had to be entered manually into the booking system - SO....... in future ALWAYS take pas
  2. Darkstar


    Does anyone know why Fred Olsen's Balmoral has stopped all departures from Southampton between April and October 2018 ??
  3. We have just returned from a cruise on P&O Arcadia which was great. Our policy on tipping is to halve the pre-paid gratuity charge and then make individual payments to the staff who have given extra service. i.e bar staff, waiters and cabin stewards. This works for us
  4. Hi. We travelled on the Queen Elizabeth in September 2015 which was our first time with Cunard. The ship itself is lovely but sadly, I have to agree that the officers do NOT acknowledge or make eye contact with passengers or even smile! We had a lady Captain who was the invisible woman! She did her daily broadcast on the tannoy which was indistinguishable but was never seen around the ship or mingling. We did hear that she was quite short so maybe we looked too high?? The food was fine although a little too fancy for our taste. However the entertainment was dire!! A lovely theat
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