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  1. Just so you know you can only get a small coffee with your coffee card. but if you can butter up the Barista he will do you a large but I can't say which one as he will get in trouble probably.
  2. The entertainment is what needs to be seriously revamped it is all old style and outdated and not good enough. We have been cruising 15 years now and it's still basically the same. here are some ideas. Why not have a troupe of actors and actresses performing plays. murder mystery events. a revamp of the daily games shuffleboard and quoits could still be kept but what about some imagination in new games also. a variety show where you get 3 or 4 different acts of about 15 minutes each. maybe a fun pool where there are organised games. also for those that love
  3. I use a company called ezeparking just drop off cases no queueing for CPS then drop off car at short stay car park ring half hour before I get off and car is there at a cost of £95 for 14 nights last time. Used them several times now and get 10% discount as a frequent user. No hassle and very easy.
  4. We both loved the modern feel to the ship and is one of our favourites. a lovely positive review made me excited to be going again. we all have our little nuances we like doing onboard.
  5. You can have a bit of fun with silly poses and seeing some of the other passengers photos. play which ladies dress is the most beautiful or worst. People can pull some strange faces for photos. admit how many of you sit having a cocktail passing comments on people's attire it can be fun.
  6. No to Art auctions gym after day 4or 5.Theatre as shows are very samey and most are similar. would love to see a play performed onboard. Saw potted potter once and throughly enjoyed it. what sort of acts would you all like to see onboard instead of the norm?
  7. My missus always likes to try a treatment at the spa. But she is thinking about not bothering as there is always a hard sell for add ons. I have even had to take things back and get a refund.
  8. The one time I remember people being ejected from a ship was P&O not sure which ship but it unusual as one of the acts on board made a pass at one of the guests. Trouble was the husband didn't take kindly too it and a fight ensued all were thrown off. I have noticed in recent years as prices have become cheaper a more undesirable type of passenger seem to becoming more prevalent.
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