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  1. Is it just p and o where you can take the £5.50 a day off?
  2. Did a world cruise to do two things. First was Sanghai to catch a plane to the great Wall. Cancelled and we lost the near £200 we spent on visas. Second was Port Elizabeth so we could do a three day safari. Cancelled due to wind. I hate this compensation thing, a losy thing we caught from the USA.
  3. You want compensation for the weather???
  4. On my first cruise I travelled solo. I did a fantastic P and O trip in Morocco to Chefchaun which involves going through a Spanish boarder post. Coming back to the ship the border post was chaotic and we were delayed by an hour. We were therefore 45 minutes late back. Didnt know that on a P and O trip the ship waits for you. I sat feeling sick, i have never been so worried. Was suprised to see the ship still there and was off the coach first. I apologised to the staff for being late and they kept saying 'it wasn't your fault'. Now, i only do the ships tours just in case!
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